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Ayan Sarkar
November 25, 2021

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Businesses are always on the lookout to constantly improve, evolve and embrace new trends. It is inevitable for them if they need to succeed. Companies around the globe are coming up with extraordinary solutions to keep their business at par with international standards.

For embracing the latest trends and technologies of the market, businesses are implementing chatbots to their website for enhanced customer experience. It has provided many benefits to the businesses and thus has encouraged many more to rely on them. It is the best example of Artificial Intelligence that is equally beneficial for businesses of all sizes from different verticals.

It is the best way to lead your business to the future. Artificial Intelligence technology offers smooth operational functionalities for your business and dramatically cut operational costs significantly.

Let us provide you with detailed information on chatbots, which will help you to have one for your business too. Learn everything that you need about chatbots.

Chatbot- Defining the Dynamics

Although, chatbots have become quite a well-known term in the modern world. But many companies still have no idea or the entrepreneurs feel the dilemma of using this technology. A chatbot can be defined as a computer program that can impersonate human conversations in the most natural form. It is developed using Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Audio Analysis.

These bots have excellent capacity. It can learn from its previous interactions with the customers and after reconsideration, it becomes more intelligent to handle complex conversations, easily.

A well-constructed chatbot is effective in addressing your customers’ queries, thereby helping your business to curb their expenses, automate your lead generation and offer personalized customer experiences.

Key Chatbot Facts of 2021

The stats about the chatbot industry and its adoption in different market sectors worldwide and reveals key trends of the sector.

  1. Chatbots are the fastest-growing brand communication channel, which has seen a surge of 92% since 2019.
  2. The customer service interactions are more conveniently handled by the chatbots.
  3. A vast majority of consumers have recommended chatbots as they received positive experiences through their interactions.
  4. Social media platforms are also actively implementing chatbot technologies. It has become the latest trend over the past few years.
  5. The average response rates generated by chatbots are higher than the human interactions.
  6. The average satisfaction rate of a bot is also high, which explains people’s preferences for customer service.
  7. The quick and real-time answer makes chatbot perfect for companies that need to have a 24/7 support system.

What Are The Types of Chatbots?

Chatbots can be of varied types, depending on their functionalities and applications. The classification is not the ultimate and with the change of time, there are also chances that new types will emerge soon. Currently, the types of chatbots available, which you can use for your business include the following:

  • Menu/Button-based Chatbots
  • These are the most basic type of chatbots that we can see in the market today. It is made in the form of buttons, and users can interact through the business by clicking on it. It is also similar to the automated phone menus that allow the customers to dig deeper for the eventual answer. Although it is the most popular form of chatbots that you can see, it is also the slowest when it comes to helping the users to get their desired results.
  • Keyword recognition-based Chatbots
    It is a type of chatbot that can listen to what users’ type and hence they respond appropriately. Through the help of Natural Language Processing, these bots utilize customizable keywords, which determines how to serve the users with an appropriate response to their queries.
  • Linguistic based Chatbots
    If you are sure about the types of questions that your customers might ask you, then a linguistic- based chatbot is appropriate for your business. These chatbots use the if/then logic to ensure that the users can get the right response. This kind of chatbot is rigid and requires specificity in its approach.
  • Hybrid Model
    Businesses mostly opt for the hybrid model as it helps them to explore the best of both worlds- simplicity and rule-based, along with the complexity of the AI-bots. It has increasingly become the perfect option for many businesses.
  • Machine Learning Chatbots
    These chatbots are developed for utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that perfectly remembers the conversations with specific users. These bots have contextual awareness and are smart enough to self-improve based on the queries of the users and the way they are asking it.
  • Voice Bots
    Voice bots are the best kind of bots that are helping the users to use their vernacular to connect with the business. With the rise of virtual assistants in the market, voice bots have become extremely popular in recent years.

Top 6 Features Of Chatbot That Influences Business

Chatbots offer various features that have created a strong demand for them in the current market. Some of the features that make chatbots ideal for your business, include the following:

  • Personalized Approach
    The chatbots offer a unique and personalized approach to the users. These bots are equipped with a feature that can adjust their tone and language based on the context.
  • Analytical
    Another immensely popular feature of chatbot is that it allows people to measure itsperformance. The analytical features allow the businesses to track the bot’s performance and make significant changes to the bot. You can track the goals and build a deeper understanding of your customers.
  • Omni-Channel
    Today the customers are looking forward to conducting business with brands that offer consistent experiences across channels. A stunning chatbot platform helps you to integrate with any communication channels such as Facebook, SMS, custom mobile apps and websites.
  • Human-Like Approach
    The noteworthy feature of a chatbot is its human-like approach. A good chatbot keeps all information stored that helps it to be capable of understanding the context in open conversations. It embraces more of a human-like approach.
  • Secure
    When it comes to a chatbot, security is a concern and it is also well-handled by the developers. The chatbot that you receive from the developer, is responsible for protecting customer privacy and keeping their data sound and secured.
  • Knowledge-Centred Service Friendly
    A chatbot is KCS-friendly. It refers to a set of guidelines that are used for building and preserving knowledge about an organization. This helps the bot to come out as ethical and helpful.

How Chatbot Functions?

Chatbot functioning is a very interesting topic. The main technologies that make chatbots so functional, effective and friendly are Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. A chatbot is so effectively developed that it can answer any question or handle any situation and need no human interference in its function.

These bots rely on the ability of algorithms, which helps them to detect the complexity of the text and spoken human words. They are designed to perform flawlessly. However, being a bot, if a complex situation arises, where the user uses different figures of speech, it becomes difficult for the bot to understand and come up with a solution.

With the help of the right team beside you, any business can marvellously flaunt the chatbot and have perfect customer care service right in front of them.

Which Industries Are Using Chatbots?

A chatbot can be designed industry-specific and it has proven its impact in every vertical. There are a lot of industries using chatbots for different purposes and they are surprised to see how effective and impactful results they have received. Some of the industries and their chatbot applications are listed below:-

  • Human Resource
    The Human Resource chatbot is efficient in handling every function of the department. From interest generation among the candidates to manage their background checks, the chatbots do perform all kinds of functions. The human resource industry is utilizing the benefits of using them and making the process simple and effective.
  • eCommerce Industry
    In eCommerce industries, one of the basic features that customers look for is an efficient help desk and customer service. The use of chatbots ensures to provide both. It helps the organizations to scale their operations, boost their conversations and save time, with its smooth performance. The chatbots are developed as language-agnostic in these industries, which allow them to cater to the international audience without facing any glitch.
  • Healthcare
    Chatbots in the healthcare industry have proved to be very effective. It has solved a lot of problems in the healthcare sector and has fastened the process with its effective and impactful service. It is assisting the doctors with a patient progress report, updates the patients with their reports and saves a lot of time and resources. If you are in the healthcare business and you haven’t implemented chatbots yet, it’s time to do so and see your business going on a surge.
  • Banking & Finance
    The finance sector has been one of the early adopters of chatbots. It has seen the effective results yielded by the bot and how it helps in rendering a personalised banking experience, delivering smooth customer service and effective query resolution. The sector has embraced the technology long before other industries were even considering it and hence, chatbots have become an integral part of the industry.
  • Sales & Lead Generation
    Installing a sales chatbot help businesses to get in touch with the website visitors and find answers to their queries instantly. Additionally, you can create a customized sales chatbot that can be integrated with sales-oriented questions, which interests the customers. This leads to the start of their journey as a buyer of your product/service.
  • Education
    Chatbots in the education industry plays a significant role in helping educational institutes to offer personalised education experience to the students. It can adjust the student’s interval time, register their feedback, and is available in several languages, ensuring there is no pause in disseminating education.
  • Hospitality
    For offering an exclusive guest service experience, the hospitality industry has embraced chatbots. It also plays a significant role in serving as a personal travel assistant of the guest. These bots are available round-the-clock and hence can build impactful customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Inventory/Supply Chain
    Inventory and supply chain requires effective management. Chatbots help them to experience so. They can check inventory levels, allow customers and suppliers to track the shipment, and performs multiple other functions, which keeps the industry on track and enables perfect solution.

Why your business needs a chatbot?

Chatbots are becoming the best allies of the customers and companies. Being conversational robots, they are designed to instantly answer questions and help businesses perform well. From handling simple tasks to managing diverse ones, these chatbots are perfect for users and businesses. Now a days if you hire a web development company for your complex web development project then they will always recommend you to opt for implementing a chatbot system.

If you are yet in a dilemma, whether or not you want to implement a chatbot for your business, let us give you a few reasons that will compel you.

  • 24/7 Availability
    Chatbots can work and be available 24/7. Unlike humans, they don’t need rest or holidays. Implementing chatbots within your business software ensures that you are available to your customers round the clock.It can resolve easy queries and can escalate the request to the human support team. Customers seem to be very happy when they get instant replies from the business. It makes them feel valued. And they can feel a personal connection as they can communicate when they are free. It is not affected by any business hours.
  • Happy Customers, Easy Conversations
    When a customer is checking information for a product or looking for some answers, they are happy to get instantaneous and precise responses. In this regard, the chatbot is extremely preferred. The bot is comfortable for the users and it keeps them happy, which eventually results in more conversations.
  • Handle Multiple Customers
    A human employee can handle a maximum of 3 to 4 customers at a time, but when it comes to chatbots, they can handle as many as comes. The automated response system that they are equipped with, allows the bot to handle everything simultaneously. It frees up employees’ time and allows them to focus on higher value-added tasks.
  • CustomersDon’t Face the Mood Swings
    Your employees can sometimes be in a poor moodor can be sick, which might affect their customer service. This is bound to happen to every employee, regardless of their fierce training. Customers have to face it. But, with chatbots, this isn’t an issueanymore. The customers get the best possible polite response that they need and no one leaves the business citing the poor customer service experience reason.
  • Personalize Conversations with Customers
    Chatbots can collect data from the customer’s inputs. The data helps them to understand the user and the way they speak. This eventually helps them to personalize the conversation and deliver a more natural and engaging for the customers.
  • Chatbots can collect and analyse data
    Implement chatbot into your business software and you can generate a global report which tells you the ways that customers use the chatbot. You can analyse the data, modify the chatbot, accordingly and improve your chatbot once it is deployed.
  • Reach Out to International Customers
    The use of chatbots helps businesses to reach out to their international customers easily. The chatbots can understand multiple languages and can communicate with them seamlessly. They can detect the language the customers are speaking as the conversation begins and then adapts accordingly.
  • Deploy Anywhere
    With your experienced on-demand development team, you can create your chatbot and deploy it in as many places as you want. It makes it easier for your customers to reach out to you through different platforms, and get instant responses.

What roles your Chatbot can play?

Depending on the purpose and the application of the chatbot, it can play a variety of roles. Some of the common roles that it is seen playing quite frequently are as follows:

  • Helper
    Your chatbot can be a helper for your customers. It can provide them with necessary support round the clock. The users love to get assisted and especially when they get it instantly. Most chatbots are seen in this role quite often.
  • Informator
    If you have a change in your service or upgrading it, you need to inform your users. The bot aggregates the data, collects it from different resources and notifies the customers. It helps to keep the customers informed. The information may vary but the Informator remains the same.
  • Lead Generator
    The bot gathers potential customers, develop a sense of curiosity within them and offers them value. It serves as a great purpose of lead generator. And also can store the information collected.
  • Sales Person
    Your bot can be your best salesperson. It provides you with a wide range of sales services and allows the customers to follow the steps one after another for completing the process. Besides, helping a business in direct sales, a bot also plays a significant role in successfully providing cross-platform selling.
  • Host/Hostess
    Chatbots can be the best host or hostesses. With their automated service, they properly greet the customers and make it very formal yet friendly. If the bot is used during any event or competition on your software, then it can guide the users about the participating rules, steps or how to take part in the contest.

How Webskitters can help you?

Webskitters is a team of professionals, experienced and skilled AI developers. Having completed a lot of projects successfully in the past, the company meets the requirements of the customers. With its high-end services and technological advancements, it delivers quality solutions, customized according to the client’s business.

It delivers excellent chatbot solutions that help businesses to automate their enterprise’ internal and external conversations. They build a customized bot based on the functionalities, required or identified, by the business. The expert team leverages AI technologies for building unique chatbots, suitable for your business. It is also developed as a smart engagement tool for your customers. You can have your chatbots develop, according to your business requirement, which might include:

  • Lead generation from websites
  • Make your landing page interactive
  • Offer 24*7 chat support to the customers
  • Conduct conversational surveys
  • Automate your enquiries
  • Appointment scheduling system

How do we design a Chatbot conversation?

At Webskitters, we are known for delivering quality solutions through our chatbot expert developers. The team adopts a comprehensive method while designing the chatbot conversation for the clients.

Being in the industry and having completed several chatbot conversations, they have a great understanding of writing a conversation script for the bot. the natural flow of the script is crucial for the entire design of the chatbot and it is also essential for fulfilling its purpose. They follow a step-by-step process of designing a chatbot conversation, which includes the following points:

  • Determine and understand the goals of the customers

The first and foremost step in designing a chatbot conversation is determining the goals of the customers, and understanding their requirements. A wide range of use cases is available for this, which makes it difficult to design for a specific goal of the bot.

Therefore, businesses need to define their goal. The reason for which they are creating the chatbot. It can be anything- resolving the customer service, generating quality leads or even promoting your product. Once your goals are defined, the chatbot developers can start working on the conversation accordingly.

  • Defining the user persona
    Chatbot conversations need the developers to understand the persona of the users. Until and unless they understand who the bot need to address, they cannot prepare the apt conversation script. It helps them to come up with a script that will resonate with the users. Some key elements that the developers need to focus on for defining the user persona are:-
  • Demographics. It includes gender, age, location, education, marital status and income among other factors.
  • Psychology. It refers to the goals, motivations and other aspects.
  • Conversation should be in line with the purpose of the bot
    In this next step, it becomes important to determine the use case for the bot, what it will help in and what your customers will accomplish by communicating through him. The purpose could vary from business to business.The chatbot needs to understand the intent of the conversation to carry it forward, and hence the developer needs to inject the right dialogues according to a certain aspect.
  • Clear expectations for customers
    It is important to make the people understand that they are communicating with a bot. this clear set of expectations help the customers to understand the potential limitations of the conversation. It also informs them that they can chat or communicate with a real person, whenever they require.
  • Simple instructions for the users
    A chatbot needs to have the instructions in their simplest form. It becomes mandatory for the developers to first think and develop a set of dialogues that the bot will follow and the instructions it needs to provide the users for their specific problem(s).
  • Directional prompts
    For keeping the customers engaged, you need to provide them with directional prompts. It is helpful for efficiently resolving their queries and are also effective for their engagement. The motto in this step is to navigate the user easily throughout different conversation scenarios.

Concluding Thoughts

Chatbots today have become an integral part of every business. Although the technology is still undergoing evolvement, it is used widely across the world. It allows businesses and users to handle repetitive and mundane tasks quickly and efficiently.

The chatbot development is an ocean that offers tremendous opportunities for making the business turn their restricted communicated platform into an efficient 24*7 available communication channel. It makes the customers feel connected with your business.

If you are planning to automate your business at a cost-effective rate, then you ought to do it now. This is the right time for embracing modern technologies. A little late and you will lose a lot of your customers to your competition. Don’t delay. Go for it now!

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.