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Ayan Sarkar
April 7, 2016

Table of content

With every passing day, ecommerce businesses are growing. To keep a ecommerce business flourishing and established, there are certain knowledge and information which is needed to establish a successful ecommerce website

Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

  • Suggested Pages

Plan, design and develop the search bar in a way that it seems eye-pleasing and also produces result within a matter of seconds. This brings more traffic to your website and also converts your leads into active customers. This feature helps you sell more products and also makes you popular among the buyers of the market. Highlighting the promotions of certain goods and services and focusing on seasonal holidays also help you to push the rate of traffic from average to high.

  • Related Products

An effective way to lead your visitors to stay on your website for a long time is to show them related products or services that are similar to the products they have searched for. This increases your bottom line and encourages the users to spend luxuriously on your goods or services. Another great way to be actively popular among the visitors and the buyers is to implement the social media share feature on each of your product. This enables the visitors to share the product with their friends or colleagues that again lead to a massive promotion of your business.

  • Product Filtering

Adding the filter button on your website, allows the users to filter their category pages on the basis of color, price, popularity and other essential techniques. It gives the users a more personalized result and wonderful ecommerce shopping experience, which stands second to none. It is also better to add a View All button at the end of the page rather than having the customers to click through an endless number of pages.

  • Product Details

Having detailed information about the products or services that you put on sale on your website makes the customer confident of their purchase. Clean and concise information with specific details about the product make things work out easily between you and your customers. A Sign-up button is a must for the customers to register themselves and to get notified about the availability of the products which were out of stock due of its size, color or demand. This helps you to retain your customers and also prevents them from going to your competitors.

  • Dynamic Shopping Cart

There might come certain instances, where your customer might not complete the process of purchase, rather simply add the item to the shopping cart. It is better to allow the customer to add the item for a purchase later, rather than asking them to delete the products from the cart. While developing the website, one should also be sure enough to make the shopping cart flexible. It should display in a small window on the page where the customer is shopping and should populate as the customer adds a product. This gives the customers a mental satisfaction and also adds the credibility of the website.

  • Shipping Options

It is very essential for an ecommerce website to have multiple shipping options to meet the demands of their customers. Different customers might be comfortable with different shipping options. Some might need the product ordered on an immediate basis and thus they would want one-day or immediate delivery, while others might be in no hurry in their product’s deliver and they might for the normal shipping option. There should also be some option or way for the customer to calculate their shipping costs as they shop around the site.

  • Payment Confirmation

Some customers are comfortable with the COD or Cash on Delivery option while others feel safe indulging in online transaction. For the customers belonging to the second category, clicking on the submit payment and payment confirmation button might be very stressful. In order to make them comfortable, an email should be sent to their mail confirming the receipt of the payment and tracking information of the product shall also be made available to help them track the location of their goods.

How To Build A Successful Ecommerce Website

  • Set Clear Goals On Every Page

Every page of an ecommerce website fulfills desired purpose and it should be kept intact in the same form. Take for instance, the home page of your website is to inform the visitors about your business and to entice them to take a look beyond, while the product page gives a brief description of the products and services available and so on. Every page should have their goals set up and this helps the navigation easy and handy for the visitors.

  • List Contact Information

Having a contact page and listing contact details validate and authenticate the company’s presence. It also entice the customers to go on shopping without worrying about any hassle in contacting due during any steps before, during or after the purchase. If a customer has to linger here and there for searching your contact details there are probable chances of you losing a sale. Customer-oriented contents like FAQs, product review or customer testimonials keep the visitors engaged and gradually develop their interest in your website.

  • Build Brand Loyalty

Don’t miss out on the opportunities to retain your customers. In online shopping, it is a common phenomenon that people tend to compare the prices or features of products that they require on more than one website. The ideal opportunity for you to grab the customer back to your website for purchase is to flood them with timely emails announcing the necessary discounts, arrival of new products or seasonal sale on items. If a product is out of stock, asking the customer for their mail id and sending them mail about the availability of the product ensures them that they matters to you. This enhances your sale and also helps you gain a loyal customer.

  • A Hassle-Free Checkout Process

Make your checkout page and process simpler and easy-to-handle. It has been observed that the more complicated your checkout progress is the higher the chances of your website losing a sale as well as a prospective loyal customer. Maintain and reveal the extra costs of shipping, packaging and other such procedures that the customer has to pay. The final stage should involve you to display the VeriSign or McAfee badge on the website. It indicates that the checkout process is verified and is secure for the customers.

  • Be Up 100% Of The Time

An ecommerce website is an effective tool of making profit and building a brand when it functions smoothly. The hosting plan of your ecommerce website should be reliable and it should grow along with your business and orders. Lagging behind due to your hosting plan might take away various sales opportunities and customers from you and it might also not be good enough for your online reputation. Thus upgrading your hosting plan along with your business strategies is advisable for exclusive prospective.

Designing an Effective Ecommerce Website

  • User-Friendly Elements

Placing the designing elements properly and in an eye-soothing manner makes the website free from all types of clutter. It also gives the visitors the clear idea and picture about your business goals and objectives. Avoid divulging too much information within a small area as it distracts your custome’s vision and also makes the website look cluttered. Simple, informative and brief descriptions should be used in the site along with some graphic or imageries and should be complimentary with each other.

  • Build Brand Recognition

Maintain consistency. It is the ideal way of ruling the ecommerce world. Whether it is in terms of fonts, colors, layouts, or style guidelines, maintaining consistency is significant. It clearly lays down your identity as a brand. Place the design elements in a way so that it gels well with your idea of selling products and choose fonts that doesn ‘t demean your services and make it look small in size. In order to gain a better understanding about consistency one should take a look at the major and leading ecommerce websites and prepare own, unique plan to step out in the market.

  • Strong Calls-To-Action

Every single page of your website where there are chances for the customers to take specific action, there has to be a room for call-to-action. It is this call that pushes the customer to make a move towards completing the purchase. Only one primary call-to-action is advisable for every page and if required it should be supported with a secondary calls-to-action. It helps in case the customer is not ready to commit to the primary call and require another call-to-action that they can use for that particular moment.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.