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Ayan Sarkar
August 4, 2022

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are a part of daily human experiences and are involved in more or less everything - forecasting the results of different activities, social interactions, online shopping, driving, etc. Valued at the US $4 billion, AI has started infiltrating the online dating industry. It’s one of the several ongoing disruptive tech innovations trying to change the lifestyle and make it easier.

The other name of online dating now is “Algorithmic Matchmaking;” gamification of establishing a romantic connection with others. Can AI algorithms help people find love? Can they replace a human matchmaker and play the same role flawlessly? This article has explored these two questions from a deeper perspective and has found out how bright is dating apps’ future in a world of Artificial Intelligence.

Keep reading to get the answers to these questions.

What Are Dating Apps Actually?

An Online dating application is basically an online dating service presented to the targeted users through a mobile application. To be precise, these apps use technologies to let the users find people and contact through the internet with the objective of arranging a date and developing a casual or romantic relationship.

The Collaboration Of Dating Apps With AI – Key Findings

There is no specific key to a happy relationship. It completely depends on the two involved persons. A long-lasting, “Fairy Tale” relationship is defined on the basis of the time spent with a person. It’s not possible to establish emotional bonding with someone if quantity is prioritized over quality. Artificial Intelligence Matchmaker (AIMM) aims to mitigate this problem in a real-world scenario. An AI-based dating application suggests candidates one at a time, thereby, allowing the users to learn a few things about each other before making a decision of whether they would stick together or move on.

AI lies at the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the most extreme level of the industrial revolution we have seen. Everything we do now, AI is interconnected to our daily chronicles. According to eHarmony, online dating is getting so popular, that nearly 50% of couples will meet online by 2031. With more than 1500 dating websites and apps across the world, the revenue from the online dating industry is going to increase by 4.2% per annum till 2023. As per the latest study by Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, 44% of people using a dating app prefer the matches and selections put forward by AI.

Plus, hundreds of millions of users have hooked on the apps and this has allowed the dating companies to collect an enormous amount of data. These platforms also guide the users through the matching process by providing dating advice and arranging phone calls.

Benefits Of Aligning AI with Dating Apps

In simple words, AI is the newest frontier for dating apps. In fact, according to social researchers, Artificial Intelligence has already started giving the dating portals several new directions to grow and the users a seamless courting experience. Although the use of AI in dating apps is getting popular gradually, its use encircles some significant benefits. Let’s check them out one by one, shall we?

Algorithms Are Helping Users To Find Compatible Partners

Before the AI revolution in the dating app industry, it was only possible to look for potential partners by gender, age, location, shared interests, and orientation. There were very basic filters; therefore, users had to scroll down hundreds and thousands of profiles according to the criteria.

But things are not the same now. Machine Learning models can get the job done these days. Sounds utterly surprising but dating apps can now identify the common facial features from the profile pictures of the users a person has swapped left or right and figure out the dating type.

On top of the physical appearance, AI detects objects in the images as well. Have you been wondering why you were getting profile suggestions with beaches, mountains, or guitars in the pictures? Well, it’s the AI.

Are you a lazy single? Worry not; people like you will get to meet your life partner. Actually, there’s something much better for you all. You can now get options to look for potential partners looking like celebs; all credit goes to AI.

Filtering Inappropriate Content And Fake Accounts

According to a study, it has been found that 72% of Dating App users block the accounts that exhibit inappropriate behavior. As a result, the app developers now have introduced artificial intelligence to curb these ongoing harassments. How? Well, AI algorithms now flag and close accounts if they find anomalies in IP addresses, images, and messages. For instance, if anybody uses stolen images or gives fake details on their account, it will go under review and will be permanently deleted without any prior notice to the account holder.

Customized Recommendations Through Smart Match

Artificial Intelligence is a smart filter that detects what people are interested in and shows profile recommendations that best match their interests. Starting from suggesting the perfect date locations in your area to finding the best time to send each other emails, AI has transformed the paradigm of dating.

Auto-Correction Of Spelling Mistakes And Grammar

Wondering why you received fewer responses even after spending weeks choosing the perfect photos for your profile. Look closely at your bio section; surely you have made spelling mistakes. You may think how it matters but an account with an error-free “About” section has more chance to rank higher on your potential date’s suggestion list. Here is a great AI-based tool that can help you fix grammatical errors and typos in profiles and messages – Grammarly.

Filtering Matches Easily

The implementation of AI in dating apps, it’s helping users to find the perfect match easily. It’s because, AI-powered platforms like this show you the perfect matches by filtering based on a number of criteria like interests, hobbies, passions, personalities, and even looks.

Eradication Of Superficial Judgement And Bias

Users are likely to experience bias in dating apps. There are several shreds of evidence of that in the past. Colors, religions, ethnicities, etc., develop the grounds. But after the advent of Artificial Intelligence in the online dating industry, these troubles are getting addressed. The apps are not only implementing curated algorithms but also assessing their performance, using training data, and putting an intermediary explainable AI layer above the algorithms. In addition to these unethical activities, AI is also expected to optimize the data privacy system more in the coming days.

Do Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Actually Help You Find Love?

It has always been a question of whether AI can help you find your life partner. Well, after the dating apps had hit the market, we have started to live in the “on to the next one” age where ending relationships at the very first sign of misunderstanding is common. The effects of swipe culture extend far beyond that. Instead of meeting people in person and getting to know each other, we are more comfortable now with emojis, instant messaging, and likes.

Still, why AI is the new matchmaker? Well, the reason is AI is more personalized and accurate as it reveals high-potential matches resulting in a great opportunity to find love. It also optimizes the users’ profiles by giving quirky suggestions on creating an out-of-the-box profile.

The increasing sort of collaboration between online dating websites and Artificial Intelligence is something that’s wide spreading at a faster rate. For instance, they are using AI to analyze the users’ messages and provide recommendations on how to make a conversation much more interesting. Moreover, apps have embraced AI to rank the profiles and show them the potentially relevant matches. In case of some more applications, AI is found to suggest a restaurant for your date.

Can AI Be The Ultimate Future Of Dating?

Millennials expect everything to be one click away, including love. The expectations in terms of dating have evolved so much over the last decade, that AI-based dating apps have arrived on the market. Guess what, they are working pretty great! The $3 billion E-dating industry has undergone a series of innovations for several kinds of dating: Traditional, long-term dating, casual – you name it in fact.

All these are because of the merging of AI with apps and websites. There’s an extreme potential for augmented reality and virtual reality to change the user experience.

Tinder is using Amazon’s recognition to boost matchmaking on its site for identifying the major personality markers. In addition, recently, Match has launched an AI chatbot that is playing the role of a wing woman. It’s offering dating advice from conversation starters to what special things you can do on your first date.

Gone are the days when people used to welcome any random matches just like it happened during the initial days of Facebook. Users now are more comfortable coming across personalized profiles compatible with their own personality traits. This ensures there are no incompatible dates.

Another app called So Synced, uses its own unique algorithm to detect and match compatible profiles based on Myers-Briggs personality types. It’s all about filling up a simple questionnaire.

This suggests that people want to find only those partners through online dating apps with whom they can develop a successful and meaningful relationship. From this viewpoint, YES, AI can be considered the “Ultimate Future of Dating.”

Does The Modern Generation Like The Collaboration Of Dating Apps With AI And ML?

To be honest, the answer is YES, although there are a lot of perspectives to see from.

As the pandemic locked the whole world inside homes and made face-to-face dating a space apart, Gen Y and Gen Z (18-25) from a number of developed and developing nations rushed to the dating applications. The community has found the ultimate comfort and took themselves into the online dating world in the most unfiltered way.

Gen Z forms the largest user base for Tinder and is increasingly becoming comfortable with exhibiting their authentic self from a social perspective. They are not willing to demur from the vulnerabilities and are stressing more about making personal boundaries more transparent. Mentions of “Anxiety” and “Overthinking” in the bio grew by 31% as well as that “content” by 11%. Daters are also seeking creative and personal activities like creative writing or roller skating. So, these data indicate that the modern generation is focusing more on authenticity instead of self-righteousness.

Let Artificial Intelligence Choose Your Partner

The biggest benefit of online dating has been realized in the COVID or post-COVID era when people’s social life narrowed due to social restrictions and homeworking. The use of AI and ML has made it easier to detect fraudulent activities and eliminate unsolicited content as well as fake accounts.

It’s expected that by 2040, a majority of the couples in the world would initially meet online. Below are the few driving factors for that:

  • Younger people nowadays prefer to focus on careers and education which means they don’t have enough time for face-to-face interaction.
  • The next generation is expected to be keener to settle abroad. As a result, they will get lesser opportunities to meet partners of the same cultural background which indicates the sharp reliability of online dating apps.
  • Over the past two decades, our well-being has skyrocketed sharply. It’s a psychology of a larger section of wealthy, educated individuals to socialize less.

To summarize, while it’s difficult to determine whether a match made by an AI-powered app would continue in the long run, it would definitely make the dating experience easier. The future of dating is, therefore ‘fluid’ where authenticity and transparency are the key things users look for.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.