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Atanu Sarkar
September 26, 2014

Table of content

High quality Magento extensions are developed by reputed web development companies. Their priority is to increase sales & improve profit margins by providing customized Ecommerce solutions for clients’ brand. Profitable Ecommerce sites can be developed using Magento custom extensions where you can achieve full controlling capacity of your business without paying an extra buck.

To make a new extension first of all the desired goals must be properly set & how it will act should be thoroughly explained. To stand above your competitors, a custom Magento module is the need of the hour. Magento modules & extensions can add unique marketing techniques to increase the sales & make your site more users friendly.

A wide range of Magento extensions are available to the clients. Various admin tools are there. The revenue drivers increase your ROI. Extensions deliver a satisfied set of customers through a smooth navigation & checkout procedure.

  • Magento extension integration with Amazon

The productivity of your online business can be increased through harmonization of your Ecommerce shopping cart with Amazon Central. Amazon gives you a global audience & offers you interesting platform from where you can advertise & sell your products. Hire dedicated Magento developer who can integrate Amazon platform to your Magento based site & take your company before an extended audience.

a) It tracks the abandoned carts in Magento.
b) It transmits the Magento customers to SugarCRM.
c) It modifies the Magento orders into favorable cases & transmits them to SugarCRM.
d) It has a built-in technique for error handling procedures.

  • Magento-Smart Stock Update

a) This extension’s main function is to update stock status & the quantity of product by uploading one CSV file.
b) It directly uploads files from the backend.
c) Fast stock update on web store.
d) It is easily integrated into Magento backend.

a) Marketing your business on Facebook.
b) It helps its clients to share their purchases.
c) Help in conversion rate among FB users.
d) Added feature of Facebook send button is available.

  • Magento Facebook Subscribe button

a) It helps in marketing your personal brand.
b) You can communicate with your customers outside of your company-page.
c) The button layouts can be adjusted in accordance with your online store design.

  • Magento Twitter Follow Button

a) The style of the follow button can be modified.
b) The color of the text or the button can be adjusted as is required.
c) The number of the followers is displayed.

a) Here twitter users are suggested to follow your products.
b) The URL & the twit-text can be manually set.

  • Google +1 button
    a) This extension helps your site to raise its ranking in search results.
    b) In search results your visitors can highlight your site.

  • Google share button
    a) This also helps your site improving its ranking in search results.
    b) Your visitors can share your content at Google+.

  • Magento Pin It Button
    a) It improves your presence on Pinterest.
    b) The visitors can easily pit your products.
    c) Your customers can share their pins on FB & Twitter.

  • Magento call for price extension
    a) The product price can be kept hidden.
    b) You may replace ‘Add to cart’with ‘Call for Price’ message.
    c) You may encourage your customers to suggest the price rate.
    d) ‘Call for Price’ button may be linked to Contact us or any other page.
    e) You may assign ‘Call for Price’ to a single product, category or a whole shop.

  • Magento hide price extension
    a) You can show the price to a specified group of customers.
    b) You can hide price for site, categories or certain products.

  • Magento product label extension
    a) With this extension, you can highlight special offers.
    b) You can display information about important products.
    c) You can set priorities for product labels & hide low priority labels.

  • Magento backorder extension
    a) The standard Magento backorder feature can be improved through this extension.
    b) Customized status report of the stock can be displayed.
    c) Even if the products are not immediately available, the customers can order for them.

  • Magento Smart Checkout extension
    a) You can checkout from a single page at a lightning fast speed.
    b) Sales revenue can be raised & the amount of abandoned carts can be reduced.
    c) The shopping cart & the checkout can be integrated into a single page.
    d) Specified groups of customers are placed with compatible order list.

  • Survey Extension for Magento
    a) This extension can add a survey to a website.
    b) You may run several surveys on your website.
    c) You may add four types of survey questions.
    d) The survey results can be easily manageable.
    e) You can choose a particular group of customers to run your survey for.

Many web development companies offer you the service of the customization of these 3rd party extensions. At your request they may modify a readymade commercial script or may change the source code of the program. Customization will depend upon the specific requirements of your website.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.