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Ayan Sarkar
March 5, 2022

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Digital technologies are evolving tremendously since the last decade. Everything is changing, the world is reshaping and customers’ preferences are changing too. With everything going digital, customers are preferring to shop online as it is far more convenient and time-saving than shopping from a brick-and-mortar store.

With offline stores across the globe stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and shoppers are embracing the new ways of trading- eCommerce.

More than millions of eCommerce websites are floating around the internet today. So, you might gain an idea of the wide range of options available to your clients online. In such a competitive scenario, it becomes extremely difficult for businesses to make a mark or increase their visitors.

Many businesses have faced difficult situations due to extreme competition. A major drop in sales is a complete disheartenment. Businesses, especially online stores always try to introduce something or the other that can prevent them from falling through the edge.

If you want to achieve success and desire to perform well in the digital world, you ought to make your store user-friendly and attractive and look for ideas and ways that can transform the business. It must have a great impact on your conversion rate.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Before, we move any further and present the ideas that can help you transform your business with a positive outcome, let us help you understand what conversion rate is!

Conversion is an action that a new visitor performs when he or she interacts with a website that leads them to become a customer.

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors of a website who turns into customers.

The online stores need to maintain the conversion rate, as it clearly defines their business progress. In the online sales environment, conversion is directly related to purchasing. It might not be true all the time, but it is kept as the aim for businesses. Therefore, it is safe to say that the conversion rate is directly proportional to the number of purchases made.

How to boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce website?

Now,can you imagine, what is your online business without any sales? It’s difficult to survive, right?

Let’s help you to get rid of this problem. Below are the various ways through which you can easily increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website.

Apply persuasive and engaging design and copy

It is one of the best ways through which you can enhance your conversion rate. Put forward a persuasive design accompanied with interesting copy and see an increase in your number of visitors. With the number of visitors increased, the chances for an improved conversion rate also goes high.

Your website or application plays an important role in the conversion funnel. With the help of an experienced web designer, you can design your page according to the requirements of the visitors. The experts will understand that online store needs to be:

  • Visually Appealing
  • Visually persuasive

Typically, the visitor’s attention is drawn to the major elements of the website. There has to be a great image, followed by an inlaid text and a call-to-action button. It is what confirms whether your customer will stay or leave your website.

Similarly, persuasive copy is also similar to this. It has to have some attractive, eye-catchy texts that would complement the design. Also, every single word on your website should cater to deliver your voice significantly and must stand out.

Simple and Easy Navigation

Many businesses have a lot on their navigational menu, but nothing is organized. Users do completely hate such things. They like to interact with a store, which is well-designed and impressive. Things should be organized in a way that one’s eyes can immediately be drawn to the sector that needs their attention. Or, even so, that your users can easily find the products they are looking for.

Making your navigation complex might hamper your overall reputation. If your website looks clumsy, people would find it extremely difficult to put their trust in you.

If your visitors cannot get what they are looking for right at the click of a button, they would likely go away to a competitor’s site.

Optimizing your site’s search functionality ensures that your visitors are presented with a good search option.

Don’t Forget To Personalize!

You can implement millions of changes in your store to attract your visitors, but nothing can be permanent until and unless you can give your users a personalized experience. Deliver content that seems to be relevant and appropriate to your user.

Your notifications and content that you present to your user, should be based on the data that you accumulate about them. Tailored contents, offers and product recommendations based on their demography, geography and most importantly previous interactions with your store.

Integrate Social Media Shopping Facilities

Yet another important aspect of getting your conversion rate increased is to integrate social media shopping facilities. Let your customers purchase from you through social media. Most of your users are active on social media, and if they can purchase your products from there, it’s a relief for them and a gain for you!

So, why miss your chance!

Maintain your social presence and allow your users to access and view the items that are in or out of stock. Keep your online products updated and you will love the result that will come your way.

Your aim should be to make your profile look more shoppable.

Showcase Reviews To Earn Trust

Today, the consumers are far more active, anxious and informed. They won’t believe in everything you speak. You have to give them proof. Trusted recommendations from their friends, family or anyone on social media gives them more confidence than your promotions. Give them social proof- encourage your current users to tag you and share your product’s experience.

Another great way to earn the trust of your customers is through celebrity endorsement. People believe in celebrities. They trust them. So, if you can reap in a celebrity to endorse your brand, you can expect many users.

Urgency and Scarcity Can Be Used To Your Benefit!

The best way to entice people to buy something from you is by creating a sense of urgency in them. Your potential customers can make a purchasing decision instantly if they are informed that the product, they are interested in is going to go out of stock.

They know once they lose the product, it’s not sure when it can be available again. So, what will they do? They’ll purchase. At least 75% of them have desired outcome when it comes to responding to urgency.

Provide Multiple Payment and Delivery Options

In the world of eCommerce, you have to give your users tons of different ways to consumers that can help them to make easy payments. There are high chances that many people will not use one or different options for making the payment.

But they have to be sure that there are flexible ways of payment. The more options you provide them, the better they can be assured of trusting you, buying from you or even using another payment mode during the next transaction that they make.

Make It A Reality!

Hire the best team of experts from the excellent agency available in the market. Develop high-end solutions with the experts and start creating a well-oiled and conversion-generating machine through your stores.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.