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Ayan Sarkar
March 16, 2020

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From the past few years, gradually social media has become an indispensable aspect of digital marketing. Now, the importance of social media is growing apace. Mostly small organizations are concerned about the type of social media marketing strategies. Developing a compelling presence on a social media app is becoming crucial in today's digital age.

The time, you have a limited budget, it is important to spend that money wisely in order to get the most out of that investment.

The social media industry is bound to become bigger and it is booming like never before. Of course, the wave is not ending anytime soon and organizations should take advantage of this if you want your business to survive.

For the record, there are more than 3 billion people across the globe using social media platforms and they are using the platforms to engage with brands.

According to research, people on social media follow brands more than they follow celebrities. Alone in Instagram, 80% of people follow at least one brand.

People or organizations who are not taking advantage of social media platforms are actually missing out on the fast, inexpensive, and one of the most effective ways to reach almost half of the world’s population.

Why It Is Important To Use Social Media For Your Business?

Well, by giving a social media touch to your organization, you not only generate more business but also at the same time, you get the chance to connect with your customers to serve them better.

Based on a published report by Ambassador, it was revealed that 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to their contacts only if they have a positive social media experience. Here are some of the more statistics that clear the air about social media in business.

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If you own a business, then you need to make sure that your business is leveraging sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to compete in this industry.

  • Based on a report published on the year 2019 social media statistics, now there are 3.2 billion users are there on the globe. In short, the stat is indicating 42% of the total global population is using social media platforms.
  • 68% of adults in the USA reportedly have Facebook accounts.
  • Reported by interesting research that a user spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes in his or her social media platforms everyday.
  • The active social media users are composed by 48.2% baby boomers, 77.55 generation x and 90.4% millennials.
  • More than 2 million organizations nowadays use Facebook in order to promote their products and services.
  • 73% of online marketers have agreed that their efforts for the social media marketing strategy was effective.

So, what are the advantages that so many organizations are gaining success from?

Let’s find out about the benefits.

1. Your Customers Available On The Social Media Platforms

This is one of the best reasons for spending time on social media because your customers are using these platforms. Based on a report by Statista, 70% of the USA population has at least one social media profile.

And by the year 2021, the number of global social media users is expected to be around 3.1 billion. With so many people using social media platforms every day, it is a great opportunity for organizations to reach their online audience.

It is not only about your customers but also there are millions of others who are checking these sites out. Now, connecting with your targeted audience can be easy if you are active on the platforms.

But, you must reach out to your customers instead of letting them come to you. If you are not already active on the platforms, then you are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities to connect with your customers and engage them.

2. Consumers Are More Active & Receptive On Social Media

Social media channels have some easy and fun ways of networking to offer. In general, this is the main reason people are more active on these social media platforms. They are able to keep in touch with friends, family, and of course what’s currently going on in this world.

People are not on these channels expecting to be marketed but that never means they do not follow or interact with their favorite brands online.

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From a report published by MarketingSherpa, 95% of online adults aged between 18 – 34 are likely to follow at least one brand on social media. However, the time, users follow any brand and get engaged with their profiles, their content and information on their campaigns are the main reasons.

It does not matter on what exactly they are interested. It can be the deals, entertaining content, or the intention they have of learning more about that particular brand they are following.

How users will be more engaging and receptive of your brand?

Well, the main reason of their more receptive behavior is they are able to see a different angle of your brand and you are getting an opportunity to be more conversational on the other hand. The content you publish contributes a personality for your brand while helping you to demonstrate the brand voice.

On these platforms, brands get the chance of making some authentic connections with the leads and customers instead of just connecting with them for delivering marketing messages.

In short, social media channels is the best way to connect with people and show a different side of your brand while impressing potential customers. You get to know the audience better which gives you an opportunity to give your best.

3. Increase Of Inbound Traffic

Social media profiles offer another way to more and more inbound traffic for your business. Marketing through this platform is a fantastic idea that complements search engine optimization efforts.

You publish contents online and people connect you after getting engaged on those posts. So, you get the possibility to convert visitors into potential customers.

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In this case, the quality of content matters as if the quality is not up to the mark, people will not be interested in reading them. To convert visitors into potential leads, the contents have to be of high quality and informative.

4. Specific Audiences Are Focused From Different Platforms

Not everyone uses Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook along. Some prefer using one of these and some others are also there who use a few of them or all of them based on their preferences. So, when you are creating different profiles on these different platforms, you are actually targeting specific audiences.

Creating a list of audience demographic values can be helpful.

It is helpful as it helps including location, gender, age group, interests and the type of brands users follow. Knowing all this information will help you to decide the platform you need to be more active on. Even creating content based on this information can be easier.

With relevant traffic, you will be able to boost the conversion rate easily. Knowing about the platform to invest your time, money, and efforts on is a great strategy as it benefits your business in accordance of your targeted audience.

5. Targeting & Re-Targeting Is Easier

Social media advertising requires an upfront investment, but it’s worth investing for as social media ads complement organic campaigns that you are running. With proper targeting capabilities, businesses can easily get the most out of their investment.

With Facebook ads, you are able to identify potential leads by identifying your ideal customers.

With this platform, you are able to serve your content to those who exhibit similar behavior online. This helps you drive more traffic no matter the goal you are publishing the contents with.

6. A Positive Increase On Brand Recognition

This is another benefit of using social media platforms. It helps to increase your brand visibility and eventually increases your brand recognition.

If you are active on social media profiles, then that will effectively represent your brand’s voice and personality. All you need to do is to post compelling contents to make your brand accessible and familiar for new leads.

For instance, imagine a new lead accessed your profile who has never heard about your company. But by reading your published contents, he or she is gathering information about the service or products your company offers.

On the other hand, your existing customers are also gathering information on multiple platforms and will become better acquainted with your organization that leads them to repeat purchases.

7. The Entire Process Is Cost-Effective

One of the best benefits of using social media marketing is that it cuts your marketing expenditure without effecting on outcomes.

Most of your social media leads will come only if you invest time in creating and publishing contents. The good news is that one can easily gain success just spending a few hours a week. In order to support this fact, according to HubSpot, more than 84% of marketers were able to generate increased traffic by only spending 6 hours per week in average.

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The CPM on social media can be as low as $2.50 and this is 3X low than advertising using traditional media. Even if you decide and use social media platforms as your primary marketing strategy, then also you will find that social media marketing is cost-effective.

8. Improvised Search Engine Rankings

Every organization wants to improve their search engine rankings, but are you aware that search engines use social media rankings as a factor?

Well, it does.

Successful brands tend to have a healthy social media presence. Hence, a strong social media presence may act as a signal for search engines that the brand is valuable and trustworthy.

It is also true that the ranking factors are also changing spontaneously, but social media platforms will help you in the end.

On What Search Engines Pay Attention?

The search engines will pay attention on the brand activity, contents, and audience reactions. It improves your brand’s ranking on search engines and at the same time, it is likely to get your social media profile ranked on the first page of Google.

Ranking on the first page is not a big deal but maintaining that position is very much important for your business growth. Keep updating compelling contents on your social media pages. It is important because if your consumers get directed to your social media page from Google and they find out outdated contents or posts, then 90% of them will choose some other similar service provider over your business.

Now, you can understand the importance of publishing compelling content on your social media platforms.

9. Your Competition Is On Social Media Platforms

It never matters the type of industry you are in or the service you are offering. There is always a good chance that your target audience is on social media platforms along with your competitors. It is not only about the opportunity you get online for your brand but it is also important for you to know that your potential customers are interacting with your competitors.

It is always important to be active on social media if you want to remain competitive in this virtual marketplace. Social media is not only a platform to showcase your brand, but also it allows presenting your expertise and knowledge on the industry.

Apparently, this is an effective way of setting yourself apart from your competition and to bring in more relevant online traffic.

10. A Higher Conversion Rate

Based on a report by HubSpot, social media has a 100% higher lead closing rate compared to traditional marketing approaches.

Every post you make and the interactions you do on social media channels are opportunities of converting interested leads into happy customers. Building reports of your leads, customers, and the contents you publish can gradually help your brand in improving trusts, credibility, and eventual conversion.

Social media results in more conversions as it brings more human component for brand messaging. Consumers use social media platforms to socialize and network, in that case, brands are able to show the human side of their brand through light. Brands are also able to publish conversational content allowing companies to show their personality, motivation, humor, and whatever it takes to express themselves.

What’s More, Businesses Can Get From Social Media Marketing?

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, social media helps improving brand loyalty. Consumers generally look for social media recommendations and your social media appearances help to make that happen while helping you connect with customers you never knew existed.

So, it can be stated that being active on social media can be very helpful for your brand. By only spending a few hours, a day or week can help you achieve success for your business.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.