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Ayan Sarkar
February 26, 2016

Table of content

Are you aware of the term Link building? A free of link building will never be completely dead and who want to be free. A life free of link building would surely mean a life filled with bad reviews, no branding power and all the things which we care about. Link building is surely a challenging work as there need to be certain strategies which will help you to build quality link.

Here are the links building strategies in the year 2016.

Content Marketing

Take the example that you are pouring yourself into a 2000-word killer piece of content and are waiting to pour traffic into the website. Maybe your social media has everything covered but there is certain step which needs to be taken after that.

Creating amazing content can naturally attract links but upgrading content is not simply about investing in good content anymore. It is very much about the quality of writing along with about the user experience. It is important to update and upgrade content with checklists, graphics to capture emails devoting resources into evergreen content.

How to plan the strategy

  • Decide the type of content marketing strategy one wants to start with.
  • Begin building the list with niche target. These could be other people in the industry who share similar pieces of content. Start with commenting on the blog and sign-up for newsletter.
  • Send emails to people you have mentioned in the article.
  • Try to amplify your content by using targeted social media advertising and content syndication.


The ultimate link building goal becomes an authority in the niche in a very cool way. Being quoted on websites and in publications can help you to master this. You can go getting opportunities to impart words and boast the knowledge.

Getting professionally interviewed is a performance and you can come in tune with quote here with a new relationship which is built here. If you are new person then your inbox will not be filled with interview requests like established vets. The next big question is how to build authority through interviews.

How to plan the strategy:

  • To start you can contact smaller websites in the niche you have already developed relationship with.
  • Again find other sites in the niche which are holding regular interviews with other bloggers. You can reach out to them. If you are to any Facebook Groups or participate in twitter chats or pop in to ask for a group interview opportunity.

Guest Post

A guest blog posted on a site with less search volume, low social shares and zero quality content is not worth posting. There has been guest blog which did have valuable content with no social interaction or comments. But try to become a regular contributor then you will distinguish yourself as an expert in your niche.

How to plan the strategy:

  • Pick one incredible piece of content right on the website
  • Create a list of websites in the niche relevant to the content from above allow guest posts. Do your research! Make sure these websites fit right into the criteria with large search volume, quality content.
  • Pitch various guest blog post topics right to these websites.
  • Write the guest blog post and certainly include the backlinks to the piece of content from step one.
  • Whenever you are writing something, do not forget to add a byline at the bottom right from the guest posts. This could be a link to a downloadable PDF, checklist or ebook right on the website.
  • Respond to the comments and effectively promote the guest blog post on the social channels.


Bringing a new change into the world of infographics can be challenging. If you use infographics then you have low-quality design work or infographics to build links to spammy websites can certainly grab Google’s attention. Interactive infographics is a part of the whole data visualization process. You can watch the target audience engage, grow and learn and know that you are gaining knowledge about the target audience.

How to plan the strategy:

  • Do the research to find compelling data.
  • Create a powerful, beautiful image that is HTML-friendly
  • Develop a distribution list for niche target audience and start pitching. When you post, do not add embed this code feature.
  • Once your infographic is live just share on the social channels.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the link building alternative for brands where domain authority matters less and the IP address matters more. Local SEO is closing the gap between online and offline marketing. These will be the links that people will click on. You will be surprised at how much traffic local links will bring you. By harnessing the influence on the local community right through sponsorships, volunteering and local meet ups is important.

How to plan the strategy:

  • Decide the best strategy for you. Do you want to partner with another local business expanding the reach?
  • Ask yourself: Do you need any sponsors? Sponsors can help with giveaways, lower costs as well as increase the reach.
  • If you are hosting an event or properly giving away a scholarship, create a distribution list right for the niche audience. This should surely include high-quality local directories along with local blogs or new channels and resource pages.
  • Just begin pitching to get the proper coverage for the local event. That is the reason why should be posting the event or scholarship everywhere.
  • Share on various social channels, your partner social channels and your sponsor social channels.
  • After the event, get feedback right from the people who are attending the event.

Resources Pages

Resources pages are simply awesome. They can lead to more links so that you can expect this showing on Quora. You can also get high links right in the site structure as these are not typically blog posts. You can get links right to the deep link pages, to resources pages with stunning piece of content marketing.

How to plan the strategy:

  • If your content is ready to rock then develop your distribution list. This will be a manual process whether you are stalking the backlinks of the competitors or using Google search queries.
  • Create your pitch and then hit send.
  • Remember to follow-up a week or later.

Link Reclamation

Quarterly link building strategy in the year 2016 is very important. Link reclamation finds those under the radar  opportunities which might have lost. You should monitor your competitor’s backlinks.

How to plan the strategy:

  • If you are fixing backlinks for 404 errors just run a batch analysis with Crawl Errors right from Google Search Console.
  • If you are looking for unlinked mentions then search for variations for your brand.
  • Create a list of links which one would like to reclaim.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.