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Ayan Sarkar
October 30, 2015

Table of content

Well we all believe in writing engaging content for a blog. But writing content which has a proper purpose is always better. Surely you want your posts to be discovered soon leading to increase in traffic in the company’s website. This will not happen magically as you need to take active steps while you are writing your blog to increase your chances so that it can be ranked high on the search engine to naturally bring visitors.

We have a list of some essential steps which must be taken into consideration to effectively increase the search rankings of the blog content which we often overlook in the whole process of writing posts. Each of these items plays a very large role in the growth of your blog and if done correctly can improve your business very well.

Keeping a check on Title and h1 Tags

One of the big things which one should note down when they are trying to increase the search rankings is to keep in check whether the title or h1 tags are targeting the keyword which ranks for. The tags should be keyword-rich be it exact match of a long tail keyword or even a close variation. In fact if possible, the titles as well as h1s should also be slightly different but it must have a relation to the overall content of the whole page. Now if anyone is clicking on your results by seeing your title then they would not like a content which is entirely different from the title. Try to deliver something which is completely different because people will leave your page if they do not find anything different.

Well it is difficult to always include the keyword along with secondary keywords to have the title make sense. That is when h1 comes into play giving you the opportunity to expand on the information to engage the audience. Try to make the h1 as enticing as possible.

Keeping a check on h2 tags

Well finding relevant terms in the h2 tags can also be helpful though they are certainly not as big as an indicator as the title tags. They are some posts which even ranks in our h2 as well as the title itself. Sometimes sub headers with markings as h2s and h3s are powerful tools of SEO rather than bolded or larger text.

Well it will certainly give an opportunity to rank for the keywords with longer tail which bears a relevance to the topic while giving your primary keywords the much needed boost. But always remember that the h2 should be keyword-stuffed as it may not be presentable but frustrating for users to read through. Well a good balance is certainly important and necessary.

Sharing on social networks

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Well the importance of social networks is certainly not unknown to one and all. Then you will surely want to give people the opportunity to share blog posts on various platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. With a proper social sharing signal for each, you will get an idea about how many people have already shared your post giving readers an idea of how important your piece of content are.

Remember that page ranking along with people are taking time to share it are giving readers the authority about a particular piece of content. From the viewpoint of a content creator, nothing is much more than the people popularity which proves the likeness of your post. This will definitely give you much more control and customization for what other people will love to share with the increase in visibility of the social platforms.

Getting unique images whenever possible

Well smaller businesses may not get a team of design expert dedicated to create original images for the website. But think something carefully. If you have a unique image on each and every post then the whole process will surely be beneficial. This will surely allow you traffic on Google image search results.

There is also great potential for infographics. If you can create one for a particular post then you can give readers the authority to share as well as download it. Unique images can serve a good branding tool as people tend to share content more with images. With these, the images can be found on authoritative sites.

Page Speed

When it is the question of blog, site speed cannot be forgotten. We tend to focus more on the home page and landing page for optimizing this feature. The same concern should be given while creating a blog as it can have impact on the rank. You can optimize little feature because of their importance. The overall user experience depends on the page speed.

In case of ranking on first or second page of Google, even a small change can be important. If the page takes long time to load then people will not stick around and check more content which will increase your bounce rate will decrease.

Meta Description

Yes it is true that Meta descriptions are certainly not a direct factor when it is question of ranking but cannot be ignored or overlooked. These Meta descriptions play a large role in case of click through rate and are one of the indicators of Google deciding when to rank.

If you create better Meta descriptions which are engaging then it will cause people to learn more. Remember that the copy needs to be about 160 characters or maybe less. Well if do not write the meta description then Google will do it for you which is not always good.

Internal Links

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Well if you have a great lot of content then it is surely awesome but it is very important to link it to right appropriate pages right into your site. With improper ranking, there is lower rate of conversion as potential customers will not be directed to your content very effectively. You can also define effectively your own anchor text when you are doing the internal linking which provides the great opportunity to place keywords in the right order. Just make sure that any words do not disrupt the experience of user fitting with the flow of the post.

Rewriting Old Content

Well again it is important to rewrite your old content once a while to properly update content which are still present to bring in more traffic but sometimes may a little back dated. The guides which are given like the How to guide along with tech guides are certainly not be that useful. Make sure that Google Webmaster Tools re-index the page whenever it is updated. If a post is doing well then it is necessary to add the technical SEO elements like image or header tags wherever it is necessary to build with damaging the quality the content for a better rank.

Well if you take the right time to add all these changes to the blog then it will surely increase your rank along with your desired traffic. It is always important to consider your user first and make sure your page is structured to make sense of your SEO.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.