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Atanu Sarkar
January 16, 2020

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The presence of e-Commerce has remarkably evolved the whole face of the online market. The introduction of voice-controlled search has fuelled the evolution to shape the modern-day world even more advanced and simpler. Some advance platforms like Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri are extremely proficient in managing the tasks efficiently. You can book a taxi, call your friends, send messages, play songs and can command over any activity through your voice. It can be used as a part of our daily routine. As per the statistic, 72% of people of the total users take full advantage of voice search. Day by day these features are occupying an immensely prodigious position in making our life even more simple. The advancement of technology has bridged the gap between fiction and fact. The technology behind it can be boiled down to two components:

Speech Recognition: It converts human words into a digital one and is regulated by its accuracy and speed.

Voice Recognition: This advancement identifies speakers through different features of speech.

Why Voice search is important in E-Commerce?

Let us discuss Why is it important to integrate into your e-Commerce platform, how can your business benefit from that and last but not the least how it can be utilized to extract the full benefits from it.

Brand Visibility

The brand interpreter or the business executive should work on their marketing strategies to provide a better result for voice search. Based on the record of voice search they should implement better strategies.

People generally have a fixed perception regarding your brand, when they search a product, they proceed on the concept they have about the brand. Thus, you need to focus on people’s perception regarding your brand. If you fail to recognise people’s choice, your brand won’t be visible in the search result. What happens is, the most popular and synonymous brands appear in the list under the same category. Here lies the importance of your brand to focus on the core factors of marketing for the growth of your business. The aspects of your marketing policy need to be understood and developed as per the requirements. The report of IDC suggests 753,000 units of smart speakers were purchased in 2018 in India.

Voice Search Intelligence

Voice search result is an extension of Artificial Intelligence and the primary introduction of machine learning in the market. The algorithm of this technology tracks your habits and needs. Its advanced nature guides you to set up an alarm and remind you to attempt your important calls or suggest you shop when you need a particular thing. It adds another dimension in managing customer relationships and assists marketers target on the basis of susceptibility and impulse. Here you need to look upon the popular trend where the customer prefers to use voice search.

However, relying independently on voice search is still not so prevalent.

Voice search is easily accessible

Voice search is the handiest and efficient in comparison to typing. Typing takes more time, whereas a voice search enables you to look for the desired products more conveniently. You can shop simultaneously while handling your domestic work or any other important work. However, the voice accuracy of the virtual assistant needs to be modified. It is a huge challenge for the service provider to make necessary changes to serve human-like modulation and better understanding capacity.

Multi-purpose Devices

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The devices with voice-searched capacity have other facilities too. Thus, the customer can use it for both purposes. Nowadays people spend more time on their smartphones, and they try to make full use of its features. They can use the features through a single device and can make the full use of it.

Transformation in Marketing Strategy

With the introduction of voice search technology, the marketing strategy has changed significantly. The marketers need to incorporate names as per the record of the audience’s search preferences.

  • The marketing strategy should be taken on the basis of the popularity of a brand, and its familiar identity among the people.
  • The data of the familiar names and their existing relationship with the customers play a vital role to shape the market.
  • The focus to capture the attention of the customers should be shifted from the eye to the ears.
  • The most crucial factor in language. Voice search completely relies on the use of language. And in a country like India, there are a plethora of regional languages. Thus, it is a series of adventures for marketers to cater to the different segments of the market.

The response of the Brands

Alexa has occupied a huge market share when the question of voice search is concerned. Google Home is not far behind, it is witnessing continuous growth in customer base trends. Google is sincerely working on voice search accuracy and developed its quality significantly. Some leading brands have already initiated the voice search features and its results are effective.

  • Nestle has inaugurated a cookbook attribute which can be accessed through your command. It provides instructions and assists you to clear all doubts and queries while you cook.
  • Voice operated system is presently used to take food orders at Domino’s.
  • Johnnie Walker has initiated an advance service. The virtual assistant converse with the customer and as per their choice, it suggests suitable products.

As of 2019, none of the smart speakers run paid advertisements. You can do one thing here to bypass the no-ad process: you can buy ad space on a podcast, streaming sites, radio, and other sources. It is akin to the “My Day” feature in Google home, which reminds everyday activities a user wants to hear as their daily regime. When you purchase ad space, it is more likely to deliver your content before your targeted audience. As the route of advertisement is blocked, there is two other option to grab the advancement with smart speaker:

Get Technical with Smart Speaker Marketing

The digital properties for voice search should be optimised. You need to rebuild the voice search optimization through the guidance listed below:

Secure your site: the standard communication medium on the web is HTTPS. A recent statistic suggests that 70.04% of the total voice search result URLs have already moved to HTTPS from HTTP. This adds an extra facility in terms of Google.

Structured Data: To make the elements of data more addressable and more effective, data needs to be organised into a structured repository or typically a database. This helps search engines to understand what the content about, and therefore contribute a concrete, relevant signal. Rich snippets can improve CTR (Click-through rate). If you structure your data, it will eventually help you to rank your page.

Improve Speed: Google does not allow slow websites to appear at the top of the search result. The voice result page takes 4.6 seconds to load, which is 52% faster than the average page.

FAQ page: FAQ page is one of the fundamentals you should follow. A series of conversational questions followed by short and crisp answers. It should be presented as a guide to the customer to overcome all the hurdles faced by them to reach you.

Blog posts: Just like FAQ pages, the blog page also answers the popular questions to clear all the doubts of the customer. It not only clears their doubts it also helps your brand to gain credibility and loyalty.

Conversational Content: People like to converse with smart speakers just like they communicate with their friends. Thus, the conversation should be humane and cordial.

Creative Skills and Action

The most effective way to conduct smart speaker marketing is to create an app with skills and activities that the users can make the full use of it on a daily basis, now and then. Today, maximum users are adopting smart speakers for all types of activity starting from news, entertainment, and other searches. Smart speakers give you a supreme opportunity to get along with your audience. You should give it a try if you think the users can be benefited from this. I will give you some examples which will assist you to write your content accordingly. You have to focus on the skills and actions of the product or services.

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  • Are you fascinated by flowers like me? ‘Blossom of Bosom’ sends your message with a fresh fragrance of flower to the most important person of your life including you. Send your fresh greetings through us.
  • Are you interested in cooking? And struggling to find your best recipe? Tasty Treat is exactly what you are looking for. You know why? Because it assists you to pick your recipes as per suggestions you will provide regarding your taste profile, weather, and the trending choices. Happy cooking.

You can take an idea from the previous examples and form your content keeping in mind the skills your brand is providing.

Final Discussion

The user-base of voice search has been observed to be expanding and growing constantly. As per the report, voice search-based shopping is expecting to grow at the level of $40 Billion by the year 2022. In the present market, the expansion of the voice search has reached a different level. In this situation, nobody wants to get left behind. Marketing policy is expected to take a new shape in the hands of voice search.

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