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Top Magento plugins for your e-Commerce Sale

October 30, 2019
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Magento is in the top e-commerce platform list used by 12 percent of digital software owners, where Shopify and WooCommerce tend to acquire the most attractive position. Magento is an open-source e-Commerce platform, created using Zend Framework and written in PHP. In 2019, over 2,50,000 e-commerce sites rely on Magento. It is quite an impressive position as there are 1.5 billion websites in total on the internet.

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Essential Steps To Develop Magento SEO Among URLs

September 4, 2016
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Search Engine Optimization or SEO possess the power to make or break a website and the reputation of the brand, depending on the way it is used. When utilized in the best possible manner, SEO can guarantee to bring potential traffic to your website and can also increase the visibility of the site on the search engine rankings. The only effort that you ought to make is to manage the website and its content and build it SEO-friendly.It especially stands true and critical for the e-commerce websites whose success depends entirely on attracting, converting and retaining the customers by giving them a unique, fresh and excellent user-experience.

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How Magento can Help you to Raise your Online Business?

October 8, 2015
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In the present world of business one particular front is making great news with its proliferating growth rate and that is Ecommerce market. Out of the many open source and paid Ecommerce platforms Magento runs top with its dynamic set of features. For developing your Ecommerce store you can avail of its advanced and unique functionalities along with immense power of control as an admin. For different businesses customized, flexible and rich features laden Ecommerce stores can be developed for reaping maximum benefits. Some important features are as follows that raises the favorability of Magento.

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