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Get A Skype Makeover For Mac &Windows Operators

Skype with its instant messaging services as well as files and document sharing options is avidly used in the technological sector. This application specializes in enabling video chat as well as voice calls from tablets, mobile devices as well as computers. Its services like instant messaging, video messages as well as conference calls enables one to keep in touch with one another as well as increases the popularity of the application with every passing day. These types of applications are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, as well as for windows smart phones.

With the help of Skype, users can easily communicate with one another either by voice calls taking the help of microphone or by video calls using webcam services. Skype also offers free calls from landline with the help of debit based user system namely Skype credit. This Application is however owned by Microsoft.

Here is great news for all the Skype users as Microsoft has launched new version 7.0 for Mac users as well as a preview version for windows user. Both the changes have been made to make chatting as well as sharing on the website much easier. It might take some time for one and all to get used to the new changes. However these are not the only changes that have been made. There are also certain functional improvements like shared files can immediately be viewed after downloading them. This is certainly not possible previously as one had to click on small items to view those files.

And it is not only the question of images. Altogether sharing every sort of files has become easier. Viewing office document from chat history is much easier with small file icons which are created. In fact to save time for one and all as well as multitaskers, new Skype brings the option to switch between voice call as well as video calls with side by side design. According to sources, Skype’s Tom Huang has commented that new design will certainly make Skype more and more user friendly.

In case of Mac, all these features are just one click way. While on the other hand, all the new designs of Skype are suitable for new versions of windows like Windows 10. Now it is upon time to say whether this new changes will draw more users and be positively popular among Skype users.

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