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Learning The Tactics Of Keywords Research 2016

The Internet is changing rapidly and the trends people follow are constantly changing constantly which means that each and every business needs to keep an eye on the right set of keywords which continue to work for them and which do not.


To clarify, you cannot do just a keyword research once and get rid of that. Keywords need to be reviewed and maintained in the year 2016.


Where to begin

The best place to begin with is to know what the customers are looking for but that is not enough. In today’s world, there is a different zone in on words and phrases of different age groups, regions and demographics and regions.


How people talk and how they search are completely different, so you have to think differently for desktop and mobile and voice search. Think about the services and products you sell and the way they are described and the categories they fit in.


Take this information and use different SEO tools to see if you are on the right path. When you use Google Search Console which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, you will see a wide variety of data right in your domain including set of search queries to see that people have used to get in your site. Here you can get an idea about the insight into how optimizations are working and which keywords are targeting more.


Finding related keywords

There are various tools which we use to get a complete idea of the possible keywords which we should target for ourselves and for our clients. We can use multiple tools to create the right keyword list for optimization, ads, content and social media. Here are tools which can be used:


  • AuthorityLabs now provides report which integrates the Google Analytics data with combined rankings, volume and competition data to highlight the keywords opportunities which may be missing. They also offer analysis competition with keyword rankings for top competitors.
  • Google Keyword Research Tool is a part of Google Adwords and can identify more than just commercial keywords so that one can reach potential customers while they are in consideration phase of the buying process. You can also get local keyword data from this tool which will help with marketing and targeting.
  • SEMrush offers organic SEO keyword data for competitors and sites allowing analyzing competitors ad copy and keywords, see keywords in multinational and multilingual environments with long-tail keyword data.
  • Spyfu can surely be helpful when it comes to researching the competition. You can enter the site into the own site URL and select the Competitors tab and it will show a list of competitors sites which are related to yours. Check the sites and see the keywords that are being focused with marketing strategies which are using.

Want to be a Pro right at Keyword Research?

How to information on how to do keyword research right from start to finish including on how maintaining the data and how to use all the tools, we mentioned like a pro. Get to know the right set of keywords for your products and services.


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