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The changing dimension of SEO and PPC for the year 2015

With the arrival of New Year, there will surely be new introduction in the SEO along with PPC predictions 2015. Google is always ready to give a blow to the SEO black hats with new updates from Ninja Penguin and Panda roll-outs. To be very honest, the world of search engine optimization is evolving with every passing day with new changes.
Here are some of the well thought of predictions for SEO and PPC for the year 2015.

SEO prediction for the Year 2015

Trends in Mobile Marketing 2015

  • Rising importance of mobile traffic rather than organic traffic for most business

With the evolvement of Smartphone, there is a search engine in each and everyone’s pocket. So it is very necessary to optimize your website for mobile. So if you do not want to miss out a very important new business because of your not optimized mobile site, then it is high time that you make the necessary changes in this New Year.

  • Websites with good mobile experience will be rewarded by Google

Google is focusing more on user experience. That is the reason your website must provide a good user experience on mobile sites. Google will surely reward your website with increased site traffic thus showing tangible results. So to challenge your competitors, jump to mobile optimization as early as possible.


  • Content with value to readers will surely rank well

The ideal definition of value is that how your prospective users will ‘use’ your content. There are some questions which need to be answered- ‘Do your user read the whole page of your content?’ ‘Do they click on any links?’ Your content must surely provide your users the answers they are looking for as it will increase user engagement thus leading to higher rate of conversions.

  • Semantic search will be of priority rather than focused keywords

Semantic search is the ability to find and display results of what the users are wanting based on the meaning of the words. That is reason why writers must produce tighter and more focused content. In fact content which are much more focused on keywords will not display results instead the meaning of the world that will help the users. So what the writers know what to do.

Architecture of Website

  • Fixing crawling errors

Keeping in mind the wishes of Google, it is very necessary to fix the crawling errors as it will bring increased rankings and 2-5%increase in your traffic rate.

Technical experts will surely need to brush up on their stuffs and improve their site for better traffic.

  • Importance of encryption and security

It is needless to say that users must feel secured when they are visiting your website. That is reason why many businesses should be making the jump from HTTP to secure HTTPS. Moreover there should be implementation of improved CAPTCHA to give the user the security feeling.

Pay Per Click prediction for the year 2015


  • Paid search traffic coming from mobile

We all know that people make more searches for business from their Smartphone. Search Engine Marketing is surely to grow next year and will surely lead to increase the ad potential.

  • Bing Ads

Bing Ads is about to launch its second Unified Targeting movement by as early as March next year. This will target the mobile market and will surely push all the ad campaigns.

Google Shopping

  • Rising importance of Google Shopping

Google cares about its user. It will surely aim to make their price comparison service much more user friendly. That is the reason Google Shopping will include 25% of the Google Spend with optimization and targeting capabilities.

Ad Extensions, Social Credibility and Online Reviews

  • The use of sellers ratings in the advertisements

Keep in mind that shoppers love ratings as they want their hard earned money to go to a reputable seller. Seller ratings in form of gold star win the confidence of the buyers.

  • The use of Ad Extensions to beautify the look and size of Ads

The use of right extensions in advertisement will make your advertisement look bigger and beautiful online.

Retargeting of search

  • The popularity of multiple searches

Users are looking for best online deals. That is the reason to be concisions they are opting for multiple searches. Make your ads stand out to get the right attraction.

  • Retargeting for search advertisement

Retargeting your search is an essential part of your existing marketing strategy. If you target your search then there will be reengagement of user which will lead to conversion.

It can surely be said that if you pay the right attention to these trends, then there are chances that you will remain ahead of the game. Before the year starts properly, then it will better to start early.

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