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The Truth behind Social Media Influence on Company’s SEO

Social media does affect any company’s SEO but certainly not the way we think. Learn about the hidden secrets of social media effects.

It is needless to tell you about the rising importance and growing prominence of social media in the technological world. Keeping this reason in mind, all the tech geeks strive hard to do various social media efforts which will considerably increase as well as influence search rankings. To be very honest, Google does not take into account social influence but social channels do help to secure proper social marketing efforts.

Now just creating a social profile will surely not increase your rankings. It does not take any extra effort to create a profile on a social network. As per the records, Facebook says that nearly 5.5 and 11.2% of the monthly users of Facebook have fake as well as duplicate accounts which amount to nearly 67.65 million and 137.76 million fake accounts.

Search engines look for real value for consumers and these fake accounts does not contribute to that. The misconception and understatement is that activity and sharing on different social channels does increase your visibility which in turn leads to higher rankings. Now this is true but not as simple as it sounds.

Infecting content

Inspire and share content which has a significant influence on your readers and audience. Yes the very word is ‘Infecting’. Before you write a proper content be sure that your content has

  • Social Currency: This factor will surely help to connect people together and make them feel good by discussing it with the people they know.
  • Influence: Try to influence your readers and display content about product, idea and services which is easy to remember.
  • Emotion: if your content has emotional value then it is most likely to be shared.
  • Public Value: It is always advisable to effectively share content which are infectious and let people imitate the content. This is how your content will have wider reach.
  • Informative: Always share that content which has an informative as well as useful value for the user.
  • Stories: Compelling and motivating stories has significant influence on and all thus ensuring wider reach.

Now if your content effectively manages all the above key factors then it is half of the work that is done. There are numerous other considerations which should be properly looked after when it is the question of improving SEO with social media works.


Many have a notion that Google’s very own social network Google+ can be effectively used for better rankings. Informative post on Google+ will increase the visibility of the phrases within your post among the people well within your circle.

But this would not bring much change to the actual ranking of the content on Google and no change when it is the question of Yahoo and Bing.

How to do proper social activity to increase rankings

Now social activities do help to build proper visibility and increase the rankings of any company potentially but not all the work is done by filling the social profiles with great content.

It is very important to properly build an effective social network to bring your infecting content to the notice of more and more people. Try to listen and engage your audience in effective conversation. Respond their queries properly as they may turn into potential customers for your company.

It is always best to hire professional search engine optimization expert who knows the present Seo market properly. Then you can effectively rely on them to improve your company’s Seo with proper social media works and other well known tactics of Seo.

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