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Ayan Sarkar
January 10, 2023

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Mobile app development is a rapidly growing industry. With the increasing number of apps being developed, several mobile app development service providers are all set to give you the best services. The total revenue in the mobile app market is projected to reach more than $420 billion in 2023. Also, it’s expected to grow as much as $542.80 by 2026. Naturally, the demand for mobile app developers is also increasing simultaneously. 

How to hire app developers for your business? This is the question every entrepreneur faces nowadays. Undoubtedly, there is a vast pool of talent available in the market; however, choosing the right resources for your business becomes difficult. Are you also the one who is facing the same problem? 

Then you have arrived at the right place. This blog is an exclusive guide on how should you hire app developers for your project effectively and easily. 

Read it till the end to get the answer as well as plenty of informative insights.

How To Hire Dedicated App Developers?

Are you a project manager, a startup founder, or an entrepreneur? Are you looking forward to hiring app developers to make a social media app? Do you want to create a simple or complicated app? Are you seeking to expand your present business, or are you launching a new app development company? All these impacts the costs to employ mobile app developers, as well as the anticipated time and cost for creation, so be clear about whom you are hiring to help you develop your application. 

Clarity is essential for businesses. It will also aid in your analysis of the length of time and cost necessary to complete your project, depending on the sort of product development. One study indicates that by 2022, there will be 1.87 billion mobile workers worldwide. That represents a staggering 42% of all employed individuals in an organized industry. 

This is the reason why numerous companies from different sectors are attempting to enter. They start with the intention of developing apps, but they frequently fail since they have no idea how to get a developer. It is difficult to design a great app, especially when you require the ideal team and are unsure of where to go for app developers.

So, here we have brought a step-by-step guide for you on how to hire app developers or outsource your mobile app development projects seamlessly. Start with comprehending the reason for hiring and the kind of developers needed to produce your application. Check the below steps:

1. Determine Your Project Size

Each app development project is unique because of its unique requirements. So, it’s quite difficult to determine how many developers you need exactly if you are not sure about the project size. Hence, the very first thing to do when you are in search of app developers is to identify the project size. A basic app development project includes creating a simple application or incorporating new functionalities into an already-developed app. 

Furthermore, a medium size app development project is a bit more complex in architecture and nature. All the integrated UX and features have smooth layouts. Such projects include map algorithms, socket programming, live feeds and timelines, backend complex structures, and messaging features with images, texts, and files.

On the other hand, a large-size app development project is quite complex and involves a lot of things. You need a bunch of skilled app developers to help you launch your application.

2. Set Your App Development Goals

Before deciding how to get in touch with app developers, start by conducting thorough research relating to your app. This covers the app's category and its pricing structure (paid or free). Completely free software also has unique features available to premium users in the paid version.

If you're starting and want to establish a relationship with your audience, you may choose a free app. However, once you start getting positive user feedback, you should get ready to monetize by adding in-app purchases. When you want to construct a mobile app, you need to be very particular about the product concept, design, uses, and functionalities. 

You will then be ready to explain the situation to your app developer and other stakeholders. If you can, create simple templates and flowcharts for work procedures, software features you would want, and the end goals you want the mobile app to help you achieve.

3. Create A Budget

The core of any application development lies in navigating the amount it may cost to hire an app developer. Upon employing an app developer, you may have to decide your budget. However, it completely depends on the app development platform you are using – iOS or Android. It’s strongly advisable to provide an understanding of the total production cost of the application. 

After deciding how to hire app developers, it makes sense to fix the app development budget considering their expertise and experience. It’s necessary to have a spending estimation because it helps to determine how much you need to invest in app development.

Also, you can easily get an idea of what else is required for its growth. You are required to be sure about the app type, specifications, types of features, integrations, customizations, app design, and development to be sure about the budget.

4. Identify The Skillsets You Need

Deciding the skills you want your app developers to have is a crucial part of the hiring process. We have also mentioned earlier that every app development project is one of a kind due to varied requirements, customizations, deadlines, resource capabilities, and several other reasons. Because of this, the skills requirements also vary from one project to another.

Some large-scale critical projects need extremely skilled web developers with a wide range of expertise. On the other hand, for simpler projects, you can hire developers with specific skills or expertise.

Ask yourself the following questions – 

  • Does your application require an elaborate UI or a simple UI? 
  • Does your team need to know certain programming languages? 
  • What type of customizations do you want to have in your app? 
  • What is the deadline for the project? 
  • Which kind of integrations do you want to have in your project? 

Jotting down all these things will help you to determine the kind of skill sets and knowledge you want your developers to have. 

5. Select whether you want to hire full-timers or freelancers

Consider the recruitment model now that you are aware of the kind of app developers you need to hire for your business.

  • Do you want a full in-house staff, or do you wish to recruit freelance app developers?
  • Are you prepared to give your project to any outsourcing company for app development?

For each project, there is a different response to these queries. It all relies on the project's nature and your preferences.

If this is your first app development job, for example, you can engage independent contractors or contact a reputable web development business. After looking at the specifics of your project, they can recommend several talented independent app developers.

Additionally, you may employ full-time in-house app developers, but if your company is young, you should save this choice for last because it comes at a high expense. Be prepared to begin your project by hiring app developers based on these recruitment models.

6. Post The Job Description

After you have finalized the size and scope of the project, the project objectives, your requirements, and the types of developers you want to hire, it’s time to start the recruitment. For this, you have to create a job description and post it online. There are already so many platforms on the internet to hire talented professionals for both native mobile app development and hybrid app development.

If you want to hire freelancers, there are Upwork,, Guru, etc. If you want to hire full-timers, you can do the same from Indeed, and LinkedIn. Also, you can outsource your project to the most reputed and trusted app development companies like Webskitters Technology Solutions in Kolkata.

Remember, the job post has to be detailed enough with mentions of the roles, responsibilities, remuneration, project scope, project objectives, deadlines, eligibility criteria, qualifications, and employee benefits to draw attention. It’s recommended to not mention a deadline that’s not achievable. Give an engaging job title, and then post it online.

7. Shortlist Some Good App Developers / Agencies

After posting the job online, several potential candidates are expected to apply, and now it’s time for you to assess the skills and abilities of some professionals. You should not compromise even a bit here, especially, if you are about to hire freelancers.

It’s because there is a lot of flexibility and advantages of training in-house candidates after hiring, but while hiring freelancers, there is no scope for training or mentoring. You look for the best independent contractors out there, who can flawlessly handle your project. 

Shortlisting has to be done based on both soft skills, and technical skills. Following are the criteria you can use to handpick the best app developers:

  • First, you need to determine your app development project needs, and which type of technical skills. 
  • What are the technical frameworks and mobile app development frameworks your developers should be accustomed to? 
  • What should be the years of experience of an ideal app developer for your project? 
  • Are the potential candidates eligible to work on your project? 
  • How many projects they have worked on before? 
  • What are the critical situations they have handled? 
  • What are their expectations regarding remunerations? 
  • Are they from technical backgrounds? 
  • Do they have app development training certificates?

8. Conduct Tests Or Interviews To Assess Their Abilities

You must subject the shortlisted applicants to a few dynamic assessment sessions to evaluate the developers' qualities. This will make it possible for you to evaluate, both their technical and soft talents in a methodical way. Give them some actual app development-related tasks in the technical round that need the utilization of several technological stacks.

The technical exam will give you a sense of how knowledgeable and capable they are with the technology your project requires.

Conduct a quick interview with each applicant and ask them questions based on real-world scenarios to gauge their interpersonal skills. You will learn about their effectiveness in communicating, debating, and presenting their unique ideas.

You may make the interview processes a little more difficult to locate and employ the ideal developer for your project if it entails more intricate phases.

9. Conduct Background Checks and Review The References

Reviewing the references of the freelancers or the agency you are hiring is much needed before you finalize the recruitment. Assessment is truly an important part but it’s not everything. Ratings, feedback, and viewpoints the ex-clients share with you about them matter a lot. Background checks are a thing since it exposes you to the true picture, and you can finally decide which app development team/freelancer/company you have to choose. 

Here is a great advantage of reference reviewing. You can compare and contrast details written on the pitch/portfolio/resume of the candidates as well as the agencies to that of their performance selection rounds, and the client feedback.

In case you feel hesitant to reach out to their previous employers, let’s tell you, there is nothing wrong here. It’s a legal procedure to verify the resources you are hiring are legit or credible enough and that they are the right investment for your business.

10. Finalize The Development Team

After all the above steps, if you are quite satisfied with the candidates/teams/agency, you can finalize the development team. You can provide a formal joining contract for onboarding together with the terms and conditions of your company.

To minimize the likelihood of any unnecessary issues, make sure to go through the privacy policy and intellectual property rights with them. If you want to work with web development businesses, they must also be prepared with certain legal terms and conditions for you.

Additionally, you must get in touch with the supervisors with the compiled assets of the experts you are hiring to review the project plan once again. Do not forget to discuss the payment model – no matter you are hiring a team of developers, a single developer, or an app development firm. You can choose either the Pay as You Go model or the fixed Price-models but for smaller projects, the latter is the best option. 

That’s all it takes to hire app developers for your project. If you follow this complete guide, your project will be on the right track, and you can get your app done efficiently without much hassle.

How To Hire Mobile App Developers Without Tech Expertise?

How To Hire Mobile App Developers Without Tech Expertise?

What should you do to hire app development professionals without technical expertise? Should be afraid of making blunders? Or, should you be concerned about unprofessional, imperfect, and delayed submissions – overall a MESS? We understand that as a new entrepreneur, you are not a professional headhunter, and there comes a time when you have to do the hiring task alone. 

Certainly, there are options like hiring a human resource consultancy but with a limited budget why invest in it when you can manage easily? You know, you just need to brush up on the basic coding knowledge and get ready with some domain-specific questions to help you hire programmers for your project. 

Want to know how to do that? Let’s see the tips to hire app developers without technical expertise.

1. Define Your Needs

Before you directly jump onto the bandwagon, figure out what you need exactly. This includes market analysis, competitors’ study, development platforms, and available technologies. It’s not a favorable option to select people at random and fire them when your requirement is over. You must have a clear understanding of why you would like to bring a person on board and what would be his/her responsibilities in the app development journey.

2. Preparation Is The Key

Determine what technical skills should s/he possess. Which programming languages—Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript—should the programmer be familiar with? Why do you wish to use a certain platform and technology? How would the platforms you choose, etc., benefit you? Figuring out these requirements will help you in looking for the best app developer from the stack even when you are from a non-technical background.

3. Choose Between Freelance And In-House

Your first project is the point from where your business will start flourishing. So don’t risk it by hiring the wrong resources. While it’s cool to get a team of in-house armies all set to fight the battle for you, freelance programmers nowadays can do the job perfectly. To be honest, hiring freelance app developers is the best option nowadays since they are efficient, already trained, experienced, agile, and know what to do and how to do it. Now the question is where to find talented freelancers.

There are so many great platforms out there from where you can get as many freelancers as you need for your project like UpWork, Youteam, Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, etc., Or you can outsource it to a fantastic mobile app development business. This business ought to have a reliable process for creating mobile apps in place, one that incorporates a lean canvas, prototype development, wireframing, and other steps.

4. Advertise 

Until and unless you let people know your business requires app developers, you won’t get sufficient applicants. You should design a job post that highlights the job role, the challenges, the project scope, your expectations, the technical skills required, etc., specifically. Post your job/project requirements on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, UpWork, Youteam, Freelancer, and Fiverr. Eventually, you will start getting Emails, messages, and phone calls regarding the positions.

5. Ask The Candidates If Can Take Challenges

Indeed, mobile app development is not a cup of tea but if you don’t have solid technical knowledge of it, chill, it’s not a big deal. Shoot them with various related questions that you have already prepared and observe their excitement. If s/he is fluently giving you accurate solutions, consider the applicant for hire. 

You can also ask them about some challenging problems they have ever tacked and how they make them happen. You will get to know a lot of issues from them related to performance, security, database, and storage.

But how they solved it without hampering the application is what describes their excitement and willingness to work on the project. You can also ask them to give you a brief about their best programming language for android app development.

6. Give Them A Real-World Problem

To deep-dive into the skills of the app developers you are about to hire, give them a hypothetical application or simply your project’s idea. Then let them share their view on functionality, server, features, performance, database, security, etc. Ask them how can they build an MVP and which functionalities are needed to launch it.

You may not be able to determine whether the answers are right or wrong but if you find their responses confident and sound get him/her hired.

Ask the applicant to explain a complicated scenario in straightforward language in addition to these. Can they translate a code for a layperson? Are their communication abilities excellent? Dealing with clients who might or might not be technical specialists is common for programmers. How they supply the needs in such a circumstance is crucial.

7. The Task Of Coding

An eligible candidate who is a technical professional will never hesitate to solve coding tasks. Rather, they are supposed to feel comfortable whenever you ask them to write down a piece of code in a limited amount of time. The tricky yet simplest way is asking them whether they can produce a Fibonacci series.

After they are done, you must assess the code quality and verify if there are any bugs. Then if all these things fall in place beautifully, and the code runs fine, consider you have found the ideal resource for your project.

8. Hire An Outsourcing Company

Be it a Hybrid app development or a Native app development, while building an app, you may have a lot of big fish to fry than sourcing, screening, and taking interviews with several developers to hire a few.

So, the next best thing to do is outsource your app development project to a reliable company having an in-house and full-fledged team of developers. Not only this option is easy, but also it saves you quite a lot of money. 

If you follow this entire procedure, you can certainly hire a group of skilled app developers for your project without being from a technical background.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring App Developers

Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring App Developers

The mobile gadgets we use every moment are known as “smart” for one reason: the variety of apps they provide. So, for developing apps for SMART-phone you need a SMART team. The SMART team refers to a group of professionals who devise strategies that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

In fact, whatever the project is, having a SMART team by your side reduces the majority of your concerns. Here are some quick things you need to keep in mind before you proceed to hire app developers for your project:

1. Experience

When you hire app developers, the first thing you need to check is the experience of the professionals or the outsourcing agency. While an experienced app developer will have a demonstrated history of proven work experience, an experienced outsourcing agency will be operating in the market for at least 5+ years.

Additionally, a good app development agency also has a dedicated team headed by managers and team leaders who monitor your project. 

This is because; you have to make sure you get continuous and extended support every time. Websites are required to be updated with user-friendly interfaces regularly. In addition, they also need consistent reviews and maintenance to avoid bugs or errors.

Hence, it’s essential to assess whether the developers you are hiring for your project are experienced and know what they have to do.

2. Open Communication Channel

An open communication channel at a workplace encourages a two-way communication flow where both the involved parties transmit information. When you hire app developers or a top mobile app development company, it’s all about exchanging information, innovative ideas, requirements, and feedback.

You have to let the team know what your objectives behind this app development are, and they in turn will reciprocate with some of their unique ideas. Ultimately the app development procedure will begin after several open discussions like this. Having a clear communication system like this is crucial to get satisfying results.

Improper communication or miscommunication results in confusion which may cause disaster to your project. The result will be full of bugs, lags, and imperfections. Hence, before you hire a mobile developer, make sure the professional or the team is ready to communicate with you anytime you need them.

Furthermore, gather details of which communication platforms they use to communicate with their clients. There is no better alternative to real-time communications in a project.

3. The Approach & Problem-Solving Methods

Every developer follows a different method while developing an app - whether it’s a difference in the features, the solution, the designs, or the debugging methods. As a result, it’s essential to understand what approaches they follow while developing an app and how they overcome the problems that come. This enables you to shortlist the candidates who can be the best fit for your team. 

It’s quite natural to come across challenges and problems while tackling an app development project. But how the team you have hired manages the problems matters the most. A smart and experienced group of web developers will devise simple yet effective strategies to mitigate the problems in a short time. Keeping this aspect in mind, you need to hire app developers who add value to your business.

4. Check The References

A brilliant way to inquire whether the app development company or the team you have hired is a good resource for your project is by reviewing their references. A reference Check or Background Check is a Thumb Rule of the hiring procedure.

A portfolio of “the best works” may not be enough as such things don’t reveal the ‘ground-zero’ picture. There are a lot of questions you may have before hiring a team that absolutely makes sense. Thus, doing a reference check is mandatory. 

For instance, you may wonder how the quality of their work is. Do they deliver on time? How responsive they are when it comes to feedback? How proactively do they share ideas? Do they have a strict Quality Assurance system? How committed they are to the projects? Do they make regular progress reports on the projects? Do they keep you updated about every detail of the projects? What approaches do they follow to solve a problem? 

You will get first-hand and accurate answers to all these questions by asking some ex-clients of the app developers or the app development company you have shortlisted. Or, you can examine the online reviews to understand the true picture. Reach out to them and gather every information you need to know.

5. Location and Pricing Factors

The location also plays a crucial role in terms of hiring developers for a project due to a range of reasons. For instance, you may be comfortable with the team of developers and do a face-to-face discussion regarding the project.

In that case, you have to look for experts who are located near your business. Offline meetings are truly great. It might be a constraint but is much more effective. 

On the contrary, if you have no such preferences and are comfortable with all the discussions and meetings being done online, you can look for remote developers. In that case, your search and reach will get widened. You will be able to access the larger talent pools and hire the best resources for your project. 

In addition, if you are from an English-speaking country and are not comfortable working with non-English-speaking developers, location is a factor you have to reconsider. You also need to talk to the developers, their leads, or the responsible specialist teams to discuss a budget that suits your project. 

So, look for the agencies or professionals, who are willing to communicate all this stuff with you for clarity.

6. Success Rate

There are many agencies and reputed developers out there, who will agree to take on the responsibilities of your project. However, not all of them have either the skill or the experience to make it successful. As a result, taking an in-depth look at the success rate is mandatory before you decide to hire app developers.

Now, the question is how to understand or determine their success rate. While it’s true that no app development company shows you its failures but each of them has its individual failure story. 

You need to know the dark side in addition to the shining, bright side of a company or an app development team before hiring them. Get in touch with online reviews, look for YouTube videos, contact their previous clients to get testimonials, and prepare comprehensive data on their success rate.

7. Effective Delivery Management

Many businesses and organizations claim that their development partners did not keep them informed about the progress of the mobile app development cycle. Because of a gap in communication between the customer and their development company, clients have on multiple instances found that their final mobile app was irrelevant to their demands.

The company must constantly notify its customers of the state of its product to ensure effective and flawless mobile app development. Regular discussions on the development of the app ensure that it will be released on time as well. Therefore, organizations and enterprises need to make sure that their development company complies with the standards for effective delivery management services.

Where To Hire App Developers?

Where To Hire App Developers?

Where to hire app developers? Indeed, it’s a big headache for entrepreneurs, especially for startups. Nevertheless, there are indeed so many skilled mobile app development enthusiasts in the market.

But finding someone who can fulfill your business and your project’s needs could be challenging enough. You must hire top app developers and invest money in them only after detailed research, and extensive analysis.

Now coming to the main question – from where you can hire app developers easily and affordably? Here are some really cool and reliable platforms from where you can get a bunch of skilled and innovative professionals for – both freelance and dedicated full-time teams. Check these out:

1. Hire freelance app developers

Freelance app developers are professionals who work independently at their own pace. They don’t work under any company and take the entire responsibility for the projects. If you have just started your project and have a low budget, hiring freelance app developers is the best cost-effective option. 

One of the biggest advantages of hiring freelancers is they are pretty easy to manage, and you will get to save a significant amount of money. Talented freelancers can also make the work go faster by giving you the deliverables of high-quality at a faster pace. While there are independent freelancers, there are also professionals who partner with an agency. In that case, the agency will help you outsource the freelancers. 

Good freelancers don’t need much supervision. They are well aware of their responsibilities and therefore reduce your extra tasks so that you can focus on something more important. There are some incredible platforms from where you can hire app developers at an affordable rate. These are Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and

You can also reach out to companies who will agree to give you an experienced freelance mobile app developer to work on your project. Another biggest advantage of hiring from agencies is that you will get to negotiate prices and need not be concerned about their abilities.

2. Hire In-House Teams

This is by far the best way to hire app developers for your project. Simply there is no alternative to developing an in-house mobile app team. However, this is most probably the most expensive way of gathering human resources for your project.

But if you can do it successfully, your business will get recognized in the market quickly. Remember, starting from posting job requirements, to hiring and onboarding them – everything you will do by yourself.

There are some really good job search portals from where you can hire both fresher and experienced best app developers. These are LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. Having a robust in-house app development team brings agility and scalability to the projects. Plus, you don’t have to worry about data safety and transparency as well.

You will get to flaunt your brand message, which will eventually take you to the epitome of success in the long run.

3. Ask For Referrals

You can always try asking for referrals to hire some professionals to make an app for you. There is a high chance that you will get recommendations or referrals from your professional network.

Nonetheless, this method needs a very long list of good prospective professional contact. The more interaction you have with the people from your industry, especially, the key players, the higher your success to find the right tech talent for your team. 

One thing you need to keep in mind while asking for referrals is the abilities of the people you are hiring. You can’t hire anybody you are being referred to, no you can’t do this. After getting a list of referrals, you have to assess their skills/experiences, conduct interview rounds, do background checks, check the previous reviews of their clients and then make a decision.

4. Tech Events

If referrals aren’t an option for you, how to hire app developers then? Another great alternative is looking for developers at specialized tech events/conferences/seminars. Events like these unite hundreds and thousands of app makers, who are available for hire. You also get a chance to communicate with industry experts who share experience and knowledge and build partnerships. 

One predominant feature of tech events is it’s an opportunity to hire and meet the top mobile developers through face-to-face discussions. Furthermore, even if you don’t get to find the right talents you are looking for, you will gather valuable industry contacts. 

So the likelihood of someone recommending an app agency is low, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t happen. App-related networking events are probably the best way to meet and get to know people you may end up working with.

You’ll definitely either meet someone who’s in the same position as you and might be able to give you some advice or insights, or someone who’s had their idea turned into an app and can point you in the right direction.

5. Outsource To Webskitters Technology Solutions

Despite all the advantages, nowadays, several businesses, especially, those that are in the growth phase tend to avoid hiring in-house developers. All they do is outsource offshore professionals from an agency at a lower cost and get the job done.

There is a lot of work involved in creating an in-house mobile app development team. That’s a huge pressure for you especially when you have a startup. 

So, we have another great idea for you to hire app developers. Outsource your project to us, Webskitters Technology Solutions. We are an IT agency with 400+ in-house developers taking pride in providing top-quality and reliable mobile app development services worldwide.

We also provide trained, knowledgeable, and flexible freelance app developers to our clients who believe in 3 things– Agility, Credibility, and User Experience. 

If you are wondering about the quality of work of our developers, let us tell you that we have experienced team leaders, and project managers who monitor and review the deliverables at every stage of the project lifecycle.

In addition, we follow a strict Quality Assurance procedure. We have a dedicated QA team who assesses every mobile app and find out the improvement areas. Until and unless, all the standards are met, we don’t deliver any project to our clients.

When it comes to on-time delivery, we are recognized in this regard. If you put your faith in us, we won’t let you down. Our in-house app developers are efficient enough to deliver the projects absolutely within the given time.

Questions To Ask While Hiring App Developers

Questions To Ask While Hiring App Developers

Asking an app development agency or a freelancing mobile app developer the right questions can make or break your project. Mobile developers will be able to tell right away from your inquiries whether you are knowledgeable about developing mobile apps and whether you can get them to quote you more.

In turn, the responses from developers will enable you to select the top applicant. 

Let's get to these questions right now without further ado. Take a look at these 10 questions, and you'll learn how you can evaluate their knowledge and expertise. Each of these questions is super unique and will help you analyze if you are hiring the best resource for your precious project.

After all, you should not settle for something less while employing developers for your project.

1. What are the similarities and differences between protocols and interfaces? How and when are they used?

In the context of networking, Protocols, and Interfaces basically, define the day two entities tend to communicate. This is a quite conceptual question, and you can expect a wide range of answers for this. Asking questions like this will help you realize the decision-making skill as well the eye for detail of the candidate.

You may get just a list of differences and similarities between interfaces and protocols. Or you can also get a full situation-based comparison and similarities with examples of it. 

When it comes to how and when to use it, if an applicant gives you a case-study-based answer, you can shortlist him/her for the next round. This can let you realize how strong his /her situational decision-making skills are and how well s/he can implement them in tough situations.

The interview is already a pressurized situation where you get to see the real skills and the original face of the candidates. Also, this question will make you aware of his/her capability of taking pressure under difficult situations.

If you are not from a technical background, you may face some challenges to determine whether the answers are right. Therefore, you can take the help of one of your peers who are specialized in app development.

2. Describe the relationship between the selector message and method in Objective-C. Is there a similar concept in Java?

A question like this will again help you get a deeper clarity on the critical reasoning ability of the applicants. The relationship between the selector message and method in Objective-C is critical to understand and if you find a candidate who gives you the right answer, it’s a positive sign.

No textbook or study notes in the world mention the difference between these two, but only a candidate who has understood these concepts pretty well will be able to answer them correctly. 

Again asking whether there is a similar concept in Java has a special reason. You will be able to recognize how well he connects one thing to another. You need to assess if the professional can solve a problem in your app development project similar to another issue s/he resolved some time ago.

Both Objective-C and Selector Messages are two critical concepts in app development, and developers need to have a sound understanding of them.

3. What is the category in Objective-C? When is it used?

A category in Objective-C is made by taking into account the related properties and methods. Even if you do not have access to the original deployment source code, a category may be established for any class. All instances of the original class and any subclasses will be able to use any methods you define in a category. 

Knowing about the Categories in Objective-C helps an app developer to have a strong grip on the technological frameworks. If the applicant is aware of when it’s used, s/he can apply it as and when needed.

So, he has a sound knowledge of the technologies related to Objective-C and its deployment, which will help you get robust apps done for your business

4. What is runtime object type checking, and when is it useful? 

You should be aware that if you wish the developer to uphold the guarantees offered by compile-time checking, runtime checking must be at least as rigorous as this. This is again a situation-based question that will make you understand the critical decision-making of the candidate.

Of course, you will get to understand his technical knowledge, and experience working in the app development industry.

There come times in the app development lifecycle when you need to do runtime object type checking, and determining the correct time is essential. So, if you find a developer who knows when it’s useful to check runtime object type, s/he has the potential you are looking for.

5. Explain differences in error handling between Android and iOS 

An incident that prevents a program from running normally is known as an exception or error. Exceptional user inputs or a file system error when writing or reading a file, for instance. By handling these scenarios, exception handling stops a program from crashing.

Knowing the difference in handling the errors between Android and iOS is essential because the developer will be able to solve the bugs. Asking this question will help you test his problem-solving expertise in app development projects.

6. What is the source of the exc_bad_access error in iOS? 

When faulty memory is accessed, the exception EXC BAD ACCESS is thrown. In Swift, the developers frequently interact with memory pointers that point to specific addresses in memory. Every time the professionals attempt to access a pointer that’s incorrect or no longer in existence, a program will crash.

A "dangling pointer" is another name for such a pointer. EXC BAD ACCESS indicates that you are delivering a message to an entity that has already been released, whenever it is encountered.

If you ask a candidate this question, you may get two types of answers. One - a flat, simple description of the source of the exc_bad_access error. Two - a critical evaluation of the error, why it occurs, how it occurs, and how it can be fixed. An informative explanation like the latter will help you understand how good he is at critical thinking. Interviews are not only meant for assessing technical abilities, it’s for evaluating soft skills also.

When you inquire a candidate about an exc_bad_access error and when they reply to you with example-based scenarios, consider the candidate has great reasoning skills and problem-detection abilities. Therefore, if you want to hire some app developers with great problem-solving skills, throw this question at them.

7. What can cause ANR errors on Android? 

When the application's UI thread is inactive for longer than 5 seconds, errors known as Application Not Responding (ANR) are generated. The system shows the user a dialogue if the program is active in the foreground. The user has the option to force exit the app via the ANR dialogue.

A developer who has a sound knowledge of ANR errors is likely to resolve ANR errors quickly. In Android app development projects, exceptions like this tend to occur, and you must hire professionals who are experts in mitigating them. However, for resolving, the developer has to recognize the error first.

Therefore, while asking this question you can give some situation-based examples or show them sample ANR errors to check if they can determine. Once they do, ask them how to solve such errors and devise a recovery plan that won’t hamper the application in the back end.

If the candidate gives you a satisfactory answer along with narrations of the scenarios where he already handles this error in the past, congratulations, you got a developer. Asking questions like these enables you to understand how well an applicant is dealing with the challenging situations that may arise in a project.

8. What are the advantages of Swift over Objective-C? 

Swift and Objective, both are two technologies used to develop iOS apps. Each of them has its unique advantages as well as disadvantages. For instance, Swift offers superior memory management capabilities compared to Objective-C, which may enhance performance. It makes use of lazy initialization, which reduces memory use since unneeded variables are not initialized. This makes it quicker, safer, and simpler to read and write.

So, if you ask a candidate these questions you will get to understand easily how efficient s/he is in decision-making. Objective-C and Swift are used in different situations, and recognizing that is very important.

A candidate who is well-skilled in both these programming languages will be able to determine which one is better than the other and in which situation. An applicant who has experience developing iOS apps is expected to know the difference between these two languages and their benefits and disadvantages.

If you find any candidate telling you the advantages with example-based scenarios, consider s/he is experienced in situations where there was a requirement of using one over the other.

Therefore, the person is well-versed in tackling problematic situations that may arise in an app development project. Decision-making and critical problem-solving are the two predominant skills you have to assess at this point.

9. Compare UITableView/UITableViewDelegate on iOS with ListViews/ListAdapter on Android

The primary UIView in iOS is TableView, which displays a list of things and allows cell recycling for memory economy. However, it is exclusively employed for vertical lists (rows). A CollectionView is required for a more complicated view (such as one that displays a horizontal list).

However, we'll just continue with TableView for the sake of simplicity. Being able to differentiate between these two is a positive point that the candidate is eligible for hiring in your project. 

Only an applicant with sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience in UITableView and ListViews can give you the answer you are looking for. This question will demonstrate to you the critical thinking ability of the applicant, which is a much-needed skill in the process of app development.

If your project requires developers to have great critical decision-making skills and problem-solving skills apart from robust technical knowledge, throw this question at them. You will see who is eligible for your project and who isn’t. With interview questions like this, the entire procedure of hiring app developers becomes so easy.

10. How are animations created on Android and iOS? 

Animations may be used as visual signals to inform users of what is happening in your program. When the UI changes states, such as when new content loads or new actions become accessible, they are very helpful. Your software will look and feel better - thanks to the polished aesthetic that animations bring.

Knowing how animations are created on both iOS and Android means the applicant is well-accustomed to the advantages and disadvantages of both types of animations. Plus, if he/she can give real-world case scenarios and examples to answer this question, you can shortlist the candidate/ app developer for hire.

11. How do Memory Management and Garbage Collection Function? 

Garbage collection frees the developer from manual memory management, which entails defining which objects to de-allocate and when to bring them back into the memory system. Other comparable strategies include stack allocation, memory ownership, and region inference, as well as combinations of these. 

On the contrary, a managed memory environment such as Dalvik virtual machine or ART ensures there is a track of each memory collection. You can ask this question to the applicant to assess which of these functions are to be implemented and when. If a candidate gives you the correct answer, s/he will be able to exhibit his in-depth knowledge of app development functions.

Importance Of Hiring Dedicated App Developers

Importance Of Hiring Dedicated App Developers

At this time, in businesses, there is an increasing trend to get developers. That’s the best thing to opt for. To create a perfect product, you need perfectionists, and therefore you must hire dedicated developers to help an organization for a seamless workflow layout.

To be precise, professional app developers can manage the work readily – PERIOD! They use their best skills to create a customized, feature-rich product that gives a new outlook on your business to the customers. 

Yes, you may have immense knowledge of app development but we would recommend you recruit dedicated mobile app developers. Some entrepreneurs do have programming knowledge and can create an app themselves. This is becoming easier now due to the online tutorials and availability of a vast array of free development tools on the internet. In most cases, they end up making a very basic app that doesn’t meet the business objectives.  

In most cases, the challenge lies when none of you or your team has the technical know-how to develop apps. That’s when you need to hire app developers. It not only enables you to enjoy a higher success rate but also makes your work easier.

This section is going to talk about the benefits you will have after hiring app makers. Seriously, there are manifold benefits, and we have detailed some predominant ones in the section below:

1. Increased Cost-Efficiency 

The mobile app development procedure could be taxing if you don’t guide well. Cost efficiency is the first and foremost thing every entrepreneur looks for while developing their first mobile application. There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding this that people end up going on the wrong track to save on expenses. 

For instance, some business owners rely on just one app developer without any proper strategy frameworks. They have a viewpoint that in this way, they will be able to save costs. But they end up messing up the project because decent app development requires a skilled team of developers. This is not the right way to ensure cost efficiency.

Rather, hiring a top mobile app development company is a great option in this regard. It’s because they will help you with the best advice and services at every step and give you curated solutions that fit your budget.

Now that’s something you can call ‘cost-efficient!’ Spending less is not cost-efficiency; you don’t add any value to a project by spending less or employing insufficient resources. Spending right and hiring the right resources is what cost-efficiency refers to.

2. More business accessibility  

Businesses may swiftly and conveniently sell their goods and services using mobile apps. Because of this, the majority of businesses have chosen to use mobile app development as their primary marketing technique.

One of the primary reasons firms like mobile app development over other types of internet marketing is the ability to create a mobile app that users of all platforms can use. 

The usability of a mobile app for business purposes includes both the app's accessibility and its usability for users. Customers frequently struggle to reach your business on their mobile devices because they lack app-related knowledge or are unable to install an app from the Google Play Store. This is where a developer of mobile apps can help, as they can instruct users on how to utilize applications on their phones and captivate them through the applications.

3. More flexibility And Productivity 

Flexibility plays a crucial role whenever it comes to tackling a project. It’s what every entrepreneur wants from team members. Dedicated app developers offer immense flexibility in almost all areas. They work on your project with utmost care and even change to revise the scope of the project for better results as and when needed.  

With a reliable group of developers, flexible payments are available such as partial bills, and installments depending on the agreement. Flexibility is also required when the deadline is near, and your employees stretch their working hours a little to complete and deliver the project. Guess what? You can expect this flexibility from the dedicated teams.

On the other hand, employing outsourced app developers increases your productivity to a considerable extent. You get skilled human resources for your project in bulk, and there is no need to train them because these professionals are already experienced in their fields.

Automatically, the quality and the quantity of the deliverables increase. The development team work systematically based on their allocated tasks, and after the basic functions are laid out they deep-dive into each function to work on them.

4. Skilled And Multiple Workforce

A talent pool is a collection of workers who have been taught to assume responsibility for assisting the business in achieving its long-term objectives. A Talent Pool is, to put it simply, a directory of possible employment prospects.

They are different from talent pipelines in that they only include applicants who are pre-qualified for a given post. Have we told you till now that outsourcing dedicated app developers bring you closer to a skilled and talented pool of workforce? 

Yes, it does! The fundamental point of outsourcing is gaining access to skilled and multiple workforces. When you reach out to offshore agencies to hire app developers, you unlock unlimited growth opportunities. Of course, it makes sense to expand your search if your project requires specialized help.

When you outsource your app development needs, there is no longer the necessity of investing in recruiting in-house teams. Connecting to offshore talents doesn’t keep you limited, it widens your reach.

5. Quick turnaround period  

Turnaround time in app development refers to the total time taken between the submission of an app for deployment and the return of the complete product to the customer. In business, it’s one of the most commonly used phrases.

Now, the speed at which you make your product ready and sell it to your customers is crucial because it helps you reach success. In an app development project, it’s essential to take into account this factor that can make or break your success bar. 

 If you or your group take over the responsibilities of developing an app, likely, the project won’t be much successful. Rather there is a high chance it’s going to be stressful. Developing an app requires niche knowledge. Also, it’s a time-consuming task.

The overall design and development time for a small app takes nearly 6-7 weeks (if you have a highly efficient team) or sometimes more than that. This turnaround time reduces more when you hire a super active and outstanding team of app developers. How to do that? Well, by outsourcing dedicated app developers. 

When you hire app developers for your business, you must have to look for smart professionals who can raise the productivity bar efficaciously.

6. Reach Out To More Consumers

For a product-oriented business, your primary concern is to tap into new markets and reach as many targeted customers as possible. The more people will get to know about your business, the more recognition your brand is going to earn.

Mobile app developers play a crucial role in a business. They can help you enhance your services and reach out to more consumers. While many business owners skip hiring professional app developers for their first project, it’s important to know that this is something they can’t do alone. 

App development as a service can itself reach you out to larger markets, increase your revenue and strengthen the brand value. Over the last one and a half decades, the world has changed radically with the popularity of mobile applications.

Due to this, the number of mobile app developers has increased drastically and has become a necessity for product-based businesses across the globe. It’s the experienced developers who push your brand to make it reach its message and services to every nook and corner of the world.

Some entrepreneurs look for business expansionary strategies through the development of apps. A good team of app developers can help them chalk out such strategies and plans. When you outsource mobile app development, you invite so many incredible talents to your project who take you to the epitome of success and help you go under the limelight.

7. Simple To Manage

Making individual employees understand how different aspects of the project can be annoying. A mobile development project involves a plethora of requirements, minor details, and repeated rectifications.

All you need by your side is an experienced group of developers who proactively understands what you are looking for and suggests you better ideas. Hiring a team of dedicated app developers can be helpful for you because they are easy to manage. 

When you hire app developers for your project (obviously they need to be the right ones), half of your work reduces. They take all the responsibilities on their shoulder while you can just review the deliverables, send feedback, and focus on other work. The group collaboratively does coding, creates the technical frameworks, monitors the app’s performance, develops progress reports, and connects with you from time to time. 

You handover them the tasks, make them understand your requirements, and send references (if you have one), and they will take care of the rest. They create a plan before starting the work and follow the plan till the end to complete the job on time according to the plan.

If their plan doesn’t work at some point, they create Plan B to achieve the targets and give you a customized, captivating application. 

What Challenges Businesses Are Facing While Hiring Dedicated App Developers?

What Challenges Businesses Are Facing While Hiring Dedicated App Developers?

Mobile App development is a profitable sector. With so many rising startups and increasing developer positions, people are simply waiting to get a job offer and get started. While so many engineers are available for hire in the market, true talent is scarce. As you need a brilliant team, to produce exemplary results, entrepreneurs often find themselves encountering a range of challenges. 

If you are someone who’s finding it too difficult to hire dedicated mobile app developers, you’re not alone. You belong to the 86% of recruiters who faces the same issue. Of course, you can’t fix a problem if you are not aware of the source or sources to be precise. So, to help you identify and overcome the challenges of recruiting app developers, we will take you through the 6 most common problems.

1. Budget

Budget is the first and foremost concern of so many businesses trying to develop their first mobile app. It’s something that prevents the owners from hiring the best mobile app developers or the top mobile app development company. But, to tell the truth, it’s the business owner on whom the majority of the mobile app development cost depends. 

For instance, if your application equips a large number of trending novel features you may need the services of a team of experienced developers. Experienced mobile app developers are quite costly to hire – sorry to break the harsh truth in front of you. Hence, if your app needs some quick changes or minor overhauls, it’s best to opt for freelancers. 

Plus, you can move things quickly this way. First, determine your budget before you move on to the next steps. You can also take a look at what’s the current price of mobile app development in the market.

2. Lack of In-Person Communication

There is a communication gap when you employ app developers from other countries. This is valid if you wish to provide rapid input or can't observe the work in progress when developers are actively working on your project. When you recruit distant workers, communication is hampered by language barriers that can be overcome if they work in person.

The communication gap is the worst challenge you will ever come across. Needless to mention, this can give rise to disasters. The slightest miscommunication can mislead the project thereby changing its scope, outcomes, and deliverables. You need to maintain sound communication with the app the development team, and their project managers from the day-1 to avoid unnecessary issues.

3. Time zone difference  

The time zone mismatch is another issue that IT companies go across when trying to hire a mobile app creator. Because of this, the virtual teams are not always reachable, which eventually causes the project milestone to be delayed. This is why project management solutions like Jira, Trello, and Teams, as well as communication platforms like Slack, Basecamp, and Teams, are used by IT companies. 

However, this only entails informing the team members who work remotely and then waiting for them to review any messages or tasks. Time zone differences can be a big problem overnight if you don’t know how to manage them efficiently. The manager or the main responsible person for your project has to regularly stay in touch with the developers and fix meetings or conferences at the convenience of both parties.

4. Cultural differences  

Corporations from the US and Europe frequently outsource their needs for mobile app development to Israel, China, India, and other South Asian nations. Due to the distance involved between your business and the developers working overseas, this results in cultural and regional variances. 

Due to varied ethnic preferences, the way a business operates and offers its services to clients may change based on the culture and holidays they observe. With an understanding team of mobile developers or an app development outsourcing agency, adjusting the cultural differences is easier. The only way out here is communication. Good, healthy communication between the developers and your team can eliminate any problem from your project.

5. Language Difference

In today’s globalized world, businesses are no more restricted to a single area. They are becoming widespread across every nook and corner of the globe and thus language barriers are pretty common. If your business belongs to the US, and you are outsourcing mobile app development projects to any other non-English speaking country, it can be a major problem. 

There will be poor communication, which will lead to a series of misunderstandings and mistakes in the project. For instance, you have sent your requirements to the developers in a document written in English. After seeing the document, the professionals simply have no idea or very little clarity on what they have to do or how to start.

That’s where the problem begins. So, while hiring offshore developers is a great idea to complete your project smoothly, language differences can be your worst nightmare.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer?

“How much does it cost to hire an app developer?” This has become a trend on Google. It’s a good thing that business owners love to consult on app development projects, and this consultation involves a discussion of costs and budgets. The mobile app economy is burgeoning in leaps and bounds. We have already witnessed both Google Play Store and App Store celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Also, their growth rates are uncontrollable – every day approximately more than 1000 apps get added to both of these app stores. Undoubtedly the future of the app development market looks even brighter. 

Now the question is how much it costs to make an app on average. Well, to be straightforward, it may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to make a mobile application; although it’s completely based on what the app does. The short answer is that a decent mobile application may cost $10,000 to $500, 00 to develop.

But, if it’s your first app, then you can wrap it up easily within $50,000 and get a decent, application. 

If you outsource and hire app developers on a freelance basis from a reputed offshore mobile application development agency, it’s a WIN-WIN. While you have to incur lower costs on one hand, you will get to enjoy faster delivery, reworks when needed, the latest technological frameworks, customized features, and better quality. 

Here is a list of the approximate costs to develop different types of mobile apps with an offshore team:

  • Cost of an Offline standalone app: $5,000 (approx.)
  • Cost of an app with moderate online connectivity: $12,000(approx.)
  • Cost of a Chatbot app development: $19,000(approx.)
  • Cost of an IoT and wearable application: $28,000(approx.)
  • Cost of a Messaging application development: $35,000(approx.)
  • Cost of an augmented Reality / Virtual Reality app: $45,000(approx.)
  • Cost of on-demand app development: $50,000(approx.)
  • Cost of an M-commerce app: $40,000(approx.)
  • Cost of a mobile social networking app: $50,000(approx.)
  • Cost of an Enterprise mobile app: $60,000(approx.)

The app development process consists of multiple distinctive phases, and each phase will constitute the total app development cost. Therefore, it’s better to know the driving factors since it would help you find the answer, “How much is a mobile app development cost?” 

First is the cost of business analysis. Your app idea needs data collection, market analysis, verification, and requirements documentation. An experienced and reputed mobile app development team will ask you a bunch of questions to prepare an app development quote. Next is, the cost of the app design and clickable prototype.

Immediately after the requirements document is ready, it’s time to start working on the User Interface (UI), and the User Experience (UX). No matter what your app is about; flawless UI and UX are a MUST. 

Then comes the cost of app coding - this is more than all other development phases. App development is a collaborative phase. Even a small, basic app needs a team of 2 or 3 developers to work and code together. The cost of project management is also an essential part of this context. Typically a project manager controls the project from the start to the finish which takes up to 10-15% of the total app budget.

Your exact cost still may vary based on the features your Android app or iPhone will have. 

Outsourcing your application to a reliable app development agency is the best option to get your app done nicely and smoothly. A trustworthy agency takes into account all these factors before creating a cost structure. In addition, if you feel that the budget given to you is surpassing your capability, you will also get the opportunity to negotiate and fix a deal.

When Outsourcing Is The Best Choice?

When Outsourcing Is The Best Choice?

There come times when outsourcing is the only feasible option available to you. When you don’t have a strong in-house group of employees, or you don’t have enough financial resources to hire them, it’s the only option. Trust us, outsourcing is the best solution when you want to cut extra costs and get agility without compromising the quality of the work. Generally, if your business’s goal is predominantly financial and focuses mainly on the bottom line, you have got this. 

Do you have a fitness, a salon, or a restaurant start-up? Don’t you have the time to hire a bunch of full-time mobile app developers for your company – there is no better option other than outsourcing. However, there are a massive number of misconceptions about outsourcing.

What most people picture is the citizen of the 3rd world countries working hard for minimum wages – although, it’s not an accurate representation. Most projects from the first world are outsourced to third-world countries as the number of talents available here is huge and the expense of the project reduces to half.

Nowadays, outsourcing is all about involving experienced, high-priced consultants, both domestic and offshore. The key intention is to tackle software, web, and app development projects of different complexity levels under aggressive deadlines. Of course, outsourcing involves cost reduction but that’s not the only motto; getting high-quality, agile, and fully functional apps are the main motive.

So, when your business is passing through its various growth stages, outsourcing is a fantastic way. At the very basic level, it provides your app development project with flexibility, and you can give a top-class user experience to your customers.  

Below we have jotted down a few reasons to deep dive into when outsourcing the app development team is the right way to go for you:

1. Budget Constraints And Strict Deadline

You might not be able to afford to hire your in-house teams just for developing apps unless you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company with ample resources. According to reports, Apple employs 12,000 engineers exclusively. 99% of business owners cannot afford to maintain such a private crew. Therefore, hiring an outside app development company is the most sensible option.

Compared to an outsourcing company, employing a lone freelance app developer has the disadvantage that they frequently work on numerous projects at once and may exaggerate their talents. Therefore, missed deadlines happen frequently.

On the other hand, outsourcing firms have policies in place to combat laziness. They are also able to keep everything on time and plan thanks to the greater staff.

2. When You Don’t Have The Right Talent And Clarity

It is hard to find specialists. Even if you employ your staff, nobody on your team may possess the expertise needed to produce a certain feature you need. At this point, hiring an app developer may pay off. Contracting the work is frequently simpler than having to train an in-house member because the majority of outsourcing organizations, like Uptech, have a vast talent pool from which you may pick.

It is just impossible for an entrepreneur to supervise the myriad details involved in creating a mobile app. Instead of needing to spend their whole time nitpicking the specifics of an app, business owners can concentrate on the broad picture.

You may free up your schedule so that you can manage the more crucial components of your business by simply hiring a mobile development team to oversee the deployment as your main aim.

3. When You Don’t Have Much Time

App development is a complex process that needs years of education. Even if you are gifted at programming, it is just not possible to learn everything on your own. You may harness the skills of other industry professionals to construct your mobile app. This way you can spare yourself years of effort by hiring an outsourced app development team.

Again you can choose to do the development works all by yourself but it’s a hectic process specifically if you are burdened with other responsibilities. It’s just a matter of a few minutes to a few hours to hire app developers and you save yourself some valuable time to pay attention to other important tasks.

Why Hire App Developers From Webskitters? 

Our talented group of app developers digitally crafts your creative concepts and makes them a reality by fusing cutting-edge features with distinctive principles. They have experience creating and selecting excellent mobile app development services that help your company grow.

We also have developers available on demand that are prepared to collaborate with you as an extended team and meet your demands. Even though they are independent contractors, our team has skilled managers who oversee and organize their activities.

We are the top outsourcing partner for mobile development in the market, regardless of how large or small your business is. Modern app development technologies are employed by the specialists you will engage from Webskitters. A wide range of the newest technologies are known to our freelancers, including these cool ones:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Dating
  3. Ride Sharing
  4. Fitness App
  5. Multivendor Marketplace
  6. BFSI
  7. Social Media
  8. Travel And Tourism App
  9. Salon, and Spa Booking Apps
  10. Online Ordering Apps
  11. Fintech
  12. Healthcare
  13. Logistics and Distribution
  14. Travel Booking Engine
  15. eLearning

Try the app development services provided by Webskitters if you're seeking specialized app development solutions and a friendly extended team of professionals. We can guarantee that your investment won’t go in vain and that you'll return later with another project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I find and hire reputed app developers? 

To find and hire reputed app developers in the market, all you have to do is do some smart work. Nowadays, finding, hiring, and paying an app developer or a team of developers is very simple. Platforms like Guru, Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr have all sorts of reputation systems where you can review a candidate’s past work and read their reviews. 

You can also outsource your project to reputed app development agencies and hire a group of experienced app developers from them. However, before hiring, make sure you do a background check of the professionals and assess their abilities by conducting a short skill test or interview round.

Q2. Where do I find app developers if I live outside of the US?

Even if you live outside of the US, it’s not a headache anymore to find and hire a top mobile app developer. Hiring platforms such as, Guru, Upwork, and Fiverr are accessible worldwide. You can easily look for app developers in them no matter where you live. In case, you have any specific preferences, such as language, or if you are concerned about cross-cultural differences, you can conduct your search on those platforms accordingly. 

Also, outsourcing your project to a reliable mobile app development company is a reliable option if you live outside the US. Reputed agencies offer various advantages including language support, Quality Assurance, specific time-zone support, and on-time delivery. This makes the work of entrepreneurs much easier.

Q3. What skills should I look for in an app developer before hiring? 

When it comes to mobile app development skills while hiring them for your project, you need to be a bit picky. Before investing hundreds of dollars, why not assess the resources that you are hiring? Mobile app development requires an in-depth understanding of both programming and design aspects. An experienced developer has to be skilled enough in several concepts to create and deploy successful apps. 
So, a mobile app developer you will be hiring:

  • Must be aware of the app development frameworks (Java, React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, etc.)
  • Must be familiar with the Android user interface. 
  • Be able to implement navigation features.
  • Conduct Android tests.
  • Can do cross-platform mobile application development. 
  • Have sound knowledge of database technologies.
  • Be aware of the mobile app security standards and frameworks. 
  • Must be a good communicator, have an analytical mindset, and have an eye for detail.  

Q4. Can I add more functionality that is not included in predefined scopes?

You can do that if the app development agency or the freelance app developers you are hiring have such policies. A flexible and adaptable company will agree to this because ultimately it’s related to customer satisfaction. Also, project scopes are subject to change based on the requirements or the project’s lifecycle.

So, yes, you can add more functionality that’s not included in the predefined scope. Not only this, but also you can remove any functionality you feel is not needed. There are several good freelancers and app development companies out there, who would be more than happy to offer you these flexibilities. However, to know in detail about the specific guidelines or policies regarding this, you should get in touch with the agency or the freelancer.

Hire App Developers And Change Your Business’s Future

It’s true that to hire freelance developers or app development teams online, entrepreneurs put in a significant amount of their time, finances, and effort. Also, there is no other option because mobile app development is a crucial source of revenue that acts as the backbone of your business these days.

What’s amazing is that there are so many app developers and agencies around the world, and now you know how to hire app developers. 

Webskitters Technology Solutions is building and nurturing an adept team of mobile app developers, who are eligible to handle your project efficiently. With their technical know-how, hands-on experience, and professionalism, they have already worked on several projects successfully and are doing till now. We can assure you that with us you never have to worry about project delivery because our experts know well to work under strict deadlines. 

Our fully-functional team of 400+ in-house developers can change your business's digital face forever along with its fate. We believe in creating value that will add better experiences for your customers who visit your app. This has been a secret ingredient of why almost all our clients are growing their ROI by giving us their mobile app development projects. 

If you have got a business idea and are looking forward to developing an app for it, we are ready to help you out. Get in touch with our specialist team to hire app developers and kickstart your project this New Year.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.