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Ayan Sarkar
May 4, 2017

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Just imagine the shock which you might get when one fine morning you do the Google search of your keyword and see that all your hard earned ranking had gone into waste water. Well you surely might panic thinking of nearly 100 reasons about what had gone wrong and what you did wrong actually. Instead of panicking, what you should do is just relax because is the first step towards the goal of getting your rankings back.

Well first you need to check your decreased rankings properly and check the position of your URL. Instead of just blindly relying on the SERPs just go to

and check the position properly. After you have reviewed the results, next proceed towards thinking why your rankings dropped. It may be because of two reasons

  • Either Google has penalized your site
  • Or the site has some issues on which the rankings have dropped of website.

Here Are Reasons Why Your Website May Have Lost Its Google Ranking And Ways To Recover From It.

1. Penalized Drop Of Your Website

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A penalty can be more often than not, be the reason of dropping your rankings. There are lots of reasons why the site may have flaws and penalty. These drops are usually big drop where your website may drop more than 10-20 positions on various keywords.

  • Algorithmic: Well your website can be the victim of Google updates and algorithms. If your website is not satisfying the updates of Google then it may surely receive a penalty.
  • Manual: Manual penalty are applied are usually applied by Google’ webspam team. This can even happen if someone has filed a spam report against you. You can better understand that your website have been penalized by Google if drop is harsh but the rankings were constant on search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

How To Recover From Google Penalty?

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Recovering from Google Algorithmic requires step by step research about the different Google Algorithms and learning about their updates and understanding the algorithms so as to why Google is penalizing your website.

The manual penalty can be checked from the Manual Actions section from Google Webmaster Tools as that is where you will be announced of the different Google penalties applied to the site. Check for those issues and identify the penalization exactly. For on-page issues you can check the duplicate content as well as different inter-linking while for off-page just detect and remove the various links which are unnatural. The other links can be disallowed. After this, you can submit reconsideration request but remember that it may take some time to regain the position in SERPs.

2. Demotion Due To On-Page Issues

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On page issues can be big problem as there will be a big drop again in this case and the site cannot grow in rankings falling behind various other sites even with repeated efforts of creating content as well as building links.

Ways To Recover

With the help of Google Web Toolkit, you can understand the problems accordingly. Your results may show lots of broken links or bad internal linking.
Track your Website in Google Web ToolKit, and send alert notifications to your mail. With this your chances of being a victim of various on-pages issues certainly decreases as you can keep track of what is happening with your on-page links.

3. Link Issues

In the world of SEO, the more links you gather, the richer you become. The profile with stronger link is certainly connected with high rankings. Well the SEO guys face a lot of link problems as weaker link are killer when it comes to SEO.

Resolving Your Link Issues

Conduct a proper link guide of your system. Now what is link audit? With link audit, you can analyze what are the current links of your website and how effective they are for your website. A website analysis tool like google search console can be useful. With the links not being in risk, you can still underperform as with link audit, you can measure your competitor and enhance your SEO and many more.

Steps For Link Audit Are As Follows

  • Pre-Audit Research

Before you are auditing your link strategies just get a grab on the competitors’ backlink strategies. This will provide you helpful information and context. Analyzing your each competitor on and by type the competitors’ URL, you will see external backlink, referring IPs and domains along with backlink history. All of this information will surely help you get valuable information on the competitor’s link profile.

  • Checking Your Backlink
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Before proceeding to anything else, just check the links that are sending traffic to your website. In this whole procedure, Google search console can prove to be handy helpful tool. With Google console, you can get the most accurate and appropriate information.

Just login to Google Search Console and in the dashboard, click on search traffic where you will get the option of links to your site. With this, you will get the right links connected to your website.

  • Analyze The Backlink
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After all this it is high time to analyze the backlink.

If you want, you can check each and every link manually which will involve visiting each link separately and considering its value and status. But think about the possibility that there are lots of links then you will end up visiting hundreds and thousands of links.

Well there is a second option- you can use link analyzing tool. There are different backlink analyzing tools which are as follows.

  • SEMrush Backlink Audit
  • Majestic
  • Moz Open Site Explorer

  • Checking Link Penalties
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We have already discussed this issue. There are two types of link penalties like algorithmic and manual. Big Drops in Google ranking suggest that you have been penalized by Google in the most effective way possible.

4. Polishing and Maintaining Your Site

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The overlook and beauty of your website does matter when it is the question of improving the rankings in SERPs. Design, user experience and speed do affect your website. These are all integral part of the website that can help to perform well and rank well.

Element Of Polished Website

The different categories are as follows.

Design: Mobile based designs are surely the first priority. In the year 2017, you surely need to consider mobile users first. It is very important to have your website optimized for mobile and make it responsive.
Try to make your website content perfect for mobile so that it can be viewed perfectly.

User Experience: There is surely another reason why responsive design is so important. As we want mobile users have a great experience, similarly desktop users should also have a great experience. Bad UX will surely drive away your customers. Website which are popular in the popular in your category have great desktop and mobile interface.
Making the website faster is surely another long term strategy. You will have to monitor your website and see that the server has adequate speed and nothing drags it down.

5. Capturing Back Loosing Links

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With poor structure, you can both lose inbound and outbound link. Well due to various factors, you can lose outbound links but loosing inbound links is surely a matter of concern. Often re-launching, rebrand along with redesign the site may surely make you lose the links along the way.

Take the example, if you delete an old post, the links to that post is not going to work. This will have a serious affect on the internal linking structure of your website in turn compromising on the SEO. That is reason why deleting content is not the right suggestion instead update it to avoid losing a link.

This can also happen in case of 301 redirects. If you can set up a new site, 301 redirect from the old domain may surely work. The issue will arise when the website revamp more than once. But just remember if an old domain expires, this will cause significant loss in traffic and 301 will no longer work. Putting back the old content or creating new content can help to keep the link on the page. This can surely be the way if the content on the page gets lots of traffic. Just do what is best for your visitors and do not forget to check for broken links.

Now in case of outbound links- the solution is much easier. If there are any outbound links which no longer works just remove it and link the link to another higher authority website.

6. Google Flux

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One of the most unpredictable issue faced in SERPs are Google Flux. You will surely have no power over Google Flux. There is no way to lookout for signs. In fact, Google Flux can be identified as negative SEO attack.

Identifying a Google Flux

There is no way to identify a Google Flux. Everything should be looking fine.

  • There should be no on-page issues
  • There should no linking issues
  • There should be any competitor issues
  • There should not be any impact with update of Google.

Solutions for Google Flux

There is certainly no way out preventing this issue as these issues are very unpredictable. Getting affected by a flux is normal for any website. If the drop in the ranking is because of flux then your website will be back up in few days.


Going down one position or two does happen to each and every one of us and is certainly the not that harmful. Next time it happens, do a thorough research and try out some strategies. It is certainly easy to fix.
The best strategists in the market are always up to date with each and every detail. Keep in track with the right SEO strategies along with the recent Google updates or with the links being affected by Webspam team.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.