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Ecommerce Trends Predictions for the Year 2016

Trends are constantly changing and well ecommerce trends are certainly no different. Though it is great thing but it stills present a lot of challenge for you.


Changing technology can impress and improve which is why ecommerce store owners are always ready to take action and keep their eyes open for what is in pipeline and learn how it can help to better the services and products.

The technological trends are changing like fashion and you will stay tuned to the latest trends to stay relevant. This principle is applied to the various ecommerce technologies.


2016 is fast arriving and one will witness the emergence of new trends in the field of ecommerce as well as experience the impact of those made in the year 2015.


The Rise and impact of mobile shopping


In the present age, mobile phones are surely considered a necessity. Over the last few years, mobile phones have witnessed high rise with more and more people using them not only to communicate but also to shop. An m-commerce store will no longer be an additional feature but an important requirement by 2016.


As per a statistics by Kissmetrics, nearly one-third of all ecommerce purchases were made on smartphone right during the holiday shopping season in the year 2013. Nearly 78% of the mobile searches result in purchase.


Any business should not undermines the important of providing mobile shopping support will probably end losing a maximum number of customers. Websites need to be optimized offering high resolution and suitable touch.


Various channels for shopping


Taking a hint from the above point, another device which can be used among online shoppers is tablet. Only desktops computers and laptops not just used for making online purchase. Apart from mobile phones, tablets are extremely popular.


Shoppers make use of different devices to make purchases. While browsing through desktops, if people do not find it on mobile phones then they will surely look for something else which can be used.


Make sure that the shopping website is available in mobile devices, tablets to browse, research as well as to make decisions. This is how the whole cycle works.


Automation in marketing

When it comes to marketing automation in the online stores, there is a scope of not just good old email marketing and effectively extends to customized landing pages along with tailor-made discounts as well as promotions with easily accessible shopping carts as well as automatic display.


Emails need not be used as if implemented properly effective automated marketing will send out customized emails informing them about new products and promotional offers.


Using Content to sell as well as engage

In the online B2B sales, content can effectively be used. That is because B2B buyers are always looking for details not just the products but also look for specifications, helpful videos, comprehensive products guidelines and rich images. These will surely be helpful in convincing buyers about the products.


An important factor to consider is personalization. Valuable knowledge is very helpful in providing right solutions to the problems. This will, in turn increase your sales inspiring website visitors garnering trust and loyalty.


Analysis of customer data with algorithms

One of the major challenges in case of automation and personalization is identification of patterns and segmentation. Hire algorithms can help here.


Appropriate data is available by algorithms depending on quality and size of the data analyzed. This will work effectively against small ecommerce businesses with large amounts of data to be calculated. Mostly such small ecommerce businesses do not have a huge amount of data to be calculated.


Flash sales


Well this is not a new concept but its widespread effect cannot be ignored. Flash sales have become a habit with expectations of online customers during special occasions.


The success of flash sales is not guaranteed and if flash sales become rife then customers will be happy to lap them up with both hands in small time frames.


Flash Sales can surely last from anything right between few hours to a few days. Some can even take place within the timeframe of 60 minutes. If the website is optimized for mobile then customers will be able to have faster access to the store.


Better Shipping

For ecommerce retailers, shipping options are just starting to rise. It is during the year 2013, that more and more company are starting to offer same day service.


These specialized services remain most reliable and fastest modes of delivery. Depending on country to country, regulations approvals vary with deliveries. This depends from country to country with the new impact in trend.


Most we live in a world that is well-informed as people are no longer willing to settle for anything which surely does not live up to our expectations. The sooner retailers realize that customer is king, the better chance they stand of winning. Factors such as security and convenience play a huge role. The future belongs to the retailers who engage by providing value earning the Master and gather the new ecommerce trends and plan your year 2016 in the arena of digital marketing.


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