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Apple Inc, World’s Most Valuable Brand of 2014!

Well in the race of the most valuable brand in the world, Apple is sure to bag the title at worth value nearly $119 billion (£80 billion). And the good news is that over the passage of year, Apple has consistently retained its place.


With every passing day and year, apple has established itself as a leading name in the technological sector along with spreading it networks. The company Apple Inc. headquartered in Cupertino, California sells various consumer electronics, computer software, personal computer and many more. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. However there has been subsequent development in the company as a result, the company shifted its focus to consumer electronics after renaming itself Apple Inc.


According to latest reports, Apple after beating its close competitor Samsung and Google has become the most valuable company with net value worth more than $119 billion. The brand value of the company was increased by 21 percent followed closely by Google with an increase of 15 percent worth value $107.43 billion. This is first time that two global brands have increased its value worth more than $100 billion. Both the leading brands has reached new pinnacle when considered in terms of its brand value.


By increasing its brand value by 86 percent to $14.3 billion, Facebook is noted to be the highest riser in the chart. Sources say that the reason behind Facebook’s rapid rise is said to its flourishing ad business on mobile phones exceeding more than half nearly 53 percent of the revenue. However Facebook’s latest ownership of messaging service WhatsApp for $19billion can certainly change the sphere of messaging as well as social media industry. All these truly signify the power of branding as well as its net value.

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