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Sundar Pichai Promises At India’s Google Event

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is in India. This is the first overseas trip to India of this India-born CEO of this big US technology giant. Well the top executives from Google as well as Youtube have talked about the plans for the company for India. Here are some of the key takeaways which should be focused about what Google CEO has said.

1. 100 stations which go live along with Wi-fi by the end of 2016

The giant of technology Google will surely bring the connectivity of internet to nearly 100 railway stations across the country by the end of next year. The agreement had been signed by the telecom wing of the Indian Railway and RailTel along with a subsidiary of Google India providing Wi-Fi facilities right at 400 stations across the whole country. As per the announcement, Mumbai Central Station is reported to be the first station to get Wi-Fi by January.

2. Hiring of People by Google

Google is looking to hire people for Bangalore as well as Hyderabad making people more and more acquainted with Google.

3. A New campus is coming up in Hyderabad

They also plan to build a new campus right in Hyderabad with the right capabilities.

4. A whole new training process

With a partnership with National Skill Development Council, the company is partnering to train more than 2 millions developer in India.

5. Internet for all

Stressing right on the importance of proper internet connectivity, he said that mobile internet can surely be a game changer. They focus on bringing access of internet to everyone making sure that all the products are working for them in a proper meaning way allowing voice to the internet.

The rural internet program of Google is a full-scale program in 300,000 villages in India.

6. Google to expand ‘bicycle for women’ program nationally

Pichai said that Google’s efforts will be to help women get online and the company is expanding bicycle for women program nationally. The company will get help from more than 3 lakh villages right across India.

7. Project Loon arriving in India

Right through its project loon, online search giants plan to give internet connectivity with the use of ballons. It is already tested that this technology in New Zealand, California and Brazil. As per the info from Google, each balloon will provide connectivity to the ground area of about 40 km in diameter.

8.The users of Android in India to surpass in US by 2016.

The US-based Google is bullish right on the Indian market as it is most important.

9.Pichai: Thank you India

Last but not the least; the Indian-born Google CEO Pichai has given its country much more. And he promised to build products for the next billion Indian users so that they can come online.

News Source: Indiatimes


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